Burneys in the Media

Frances Burney and her family are often discussed in contemporary media, and their works are adapted for the modern stage and screen. The Burneys are also still important to book collectors, particularly those with an interest in the novel or music history. See resources below on Burney reenactments, manuscripts, and more!

An article in the Guardian about the recent digitization of a letter from Frances to her sister, describing her breast cancer surgery.

Uncensoring Charles and Frances Burney

Watch a lecture on YouTube about the work that we do at the Burney Centre, filmed by ROaRR at the McGill Library.

Frances Burney's The Woman Hater Staged in Cleveland, Ohio

18 August - 4 September 2016

Directed by Christine McBurney, Mamaì Theatre Company

Production photos (photo credit Bob Perkoski)
Preview article
Radio interview

Podcast "The Great Forgetting: Women Writers Before Austen"

Series One of Hidden Histories Podcast

Aired 6 April - 18 May 2016

Six episodes about eighteenth-century women writers including Frances Burney.

Guest featuring Dr. Sophie Coulombeau, Lecturer at Cardiff University and former Fellow at the Burney Centre.

British Library Series: Charles Burney and his Manuscript Collection

5 June 2015

"The Burney collection of manuscripts... comprising 525 volumes, was assembled by Charles Burney (b. 1757, d. 1817), classicist and bibliophile. Son of the famous historian of music Charles Burney and brother of the novelist Fanny Burney, he was also an avid collector of printed books, newspapers, and playbills, all of which were purchased by the British Museum after his death."

In Our Time: Fanny Burney

BBC Radio 4

Aired 23 April 2015

Presenter Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the life and work of Frances Burney, Madame D'Arblay.

Bedazzled by Burney

A Report on the Sales of Frances Burney Books, Manuscripts, and Images from the Paula Peyraud Collection, by Maureen E. Mulvihill


PDF icon mulvihill-bedazzled.pdf

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