Current Projects

Current Burney Centre projects include The Letters of Dr Charles Burney (1751-1814).

The Letters of Dr Charles Burney (1751-1814)

General Editor: Peter Sabor

A scholarly edition of The Letters of Dr Charles Burney is being published in six volumes by Oxford University Press. The letters of the great eighteenth-century historian of music and man of letters are here collected and published in chronological order for the first time.

Vol 1


Edited by Alvaro Ribeiro, SJ
Georgetown University
ISBN: 0-19-812687-5

Link to Googlebooks

Vol 2



Edited by Lorna Clark
Vol 3


Edited by Stewart Cooke
Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198739845

Link to OUP website

Vol 4



Edited by Stewart Cooke

Vol 5



Edited by Nancy Johnson
Vol 6

(ancillary materials, index)


Edited by Peter Sabor


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