Membership in the Burney Society includes subscriptions to The Burney Letter, the semi-annual newsletter of the society, and The Burney Journal, the society's annual literary journal. Members may also attend Burney Society meetings in North America and the UK.

Annual dues: $30 USD ($15 USD full-time student rate)

Membership dues are due annually on Frances Burney's birth date, 13 June.

Membership Fees
Regular membership – 1 year                             $30
Student / adjunct membership – 1 year        $15
Regular membership – 2 years                          $60
Regular membership – 5 years                          $150

NOTE: All prices are in US dollars

To join the Burney Society (NA) online
Please download and complete the membership form (PDF icon burney_membership_form_3-21_fillable.pdf) and then visit to "Send" your payment.

To join the Burney Society (NA) by mail
Please download and complete the membership form listed above and then mail it, with a cheque enclosed payable in US$, to:

Kirsten Hall, Burney Society (NA) Treasurer
5175 Beckton Road
Ave Maria, FL 34142 USA
kirsten.hall [at]

To join the Burney Society UK
Please visit


Officers and Patrons of the Burney Society

For a list of the Officers of the Burney Society UK, please visit their website.

North American Officers

Elaine Bander

Vice President
Teri Doerksen

North American Treasurer
Kirsten Hall

Vice President for Conferences
Catherine Keohane

Editor, The Burney Letter
Lorna J. Clark

Editors, The Burney Journal
Cassie Ulph, Editor
Dana Gliserman Kopans, Associate Editor
Ashley Schoppe, Managing Editor

North American Patrons


Jan Fergus
Juliet McMaster
Peter Sabor

United States
Mary Margaret Benson
Rachel Brownstein
Margaret Anne Doody
Conrad Harper
Ruth Iglehart
Ruth Perry

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