Experimental Therapeutics

The importance of multidisciplinary translational research in medicine is well recognized. The MNI is expanding such research through the Experimental Therapeutics Program. This program will complement and extend basic laboratory initiatives into pre-clinical and clinical studies of human biology, including normal physiology as well as disease states. Through this initiative, physicians and researchers are expediting the development of new therapies for neurological and auto-immune diseases, while gaining novel insights into disease processes. Using a core laboratory, they integrate fundamental research with rigorous studies on human biological samples derived from well-characterized healthy volunteers and from patients with neurological diseases, both before and during treatment with experimental therapies.

Investigators and trainees active in this program develop and study collections of human biological samples, develop and apply bioassays to these samples, and utilize bioinformatics tools as they target new therapies. They will further define the relationships between clinical and neuro-imaging outcomes and these novel biological measures.

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Amit Bar-Or, MD, Director
Amit Bar-Or

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