NeuroEngineering and Advanced Neural Technologies workshop schedule

25 January 2013
Jeanne Timmins Amphitheatre
Montreal Neurological Institute
McGill University

9:15 Welcome and Introduction                                                      
Stefano Stifani
Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University
JT Amphitheatre
9:20  Overview of McGill and Imperial College Activities
Simon Schultz
Imperial College
Imperial College London Strategic Initiative in Neurotechnology
9:30Tim Kennedy
McGill University
McGill Program in NeuroEngineering
Session I: Axonal Growth and Regeneration
9:45 Talk 1: Chris Barrett
McGill University
Designer surfaces for controlling cell growth
10:00Talk 2: Jane Saffell
Imperial College
Stimulating axon regeneration: role of adhesion and effect of blast
10:15    Talk 3: Fred Charron
McGill University
Wiring the brain: Quantitative approaches to growth cone pathfinding
10:35 Coffee break
Session II: Traumatic Brain Injury
10:45Talk 4: David Sharp
Imperial College
Network dysfunction after traumatic brain injury
11:00Talk 5: Veronique Laforte
McGill University
Cerebral microdialysis: a window into the injured brain's inflammatory response
11:15Talk 6: Martyn Boutelle
Imperial College
Multimodal monitoring of the injured human cortex: dynamic detection of secondary brain injury in the intensive care unit
11:35Global Remarks
Dr. Rose Goldstein
Vice-Principal, Research and International Relations
McGill University
Session III: Neural disease and repair
11:50Talk 7: Abbas Sadikot
McGill University
Approaches to Modulating the Human Brain for Relief of Disability
12:05Talk 8: David Dexter
Imperial College
Delivery of carbon nanoparticles (CNTs) across the blood brain barrier and the response of microglia to nanoparticle exposure
12:20Talk 9: Richard Reynolds
Imperial College
The use of novel biomaterials to study mechanisms of neuroinflammation in multiple sclerosis
12:40 Buffet Lunch  JT Amphitheatre Foyer
Session IV: Neural Circuits and Computational NeuroscienceJT Amphitheatre
13:15  Talk 10: Aldo Faisal
Imperial College
Neurotechnology – from neurons to behaviour
13:30 Talk 11: Theo Zanos
McGill University
Traveling LFP waves in macaque visual cortex during saccades
13:45 Talk 12: Holger Krapp
Imperial College
Neurotechnology in insect sensorimotor control
14:00Talk 13: Robert Leech
Imperial College
The control of global brain dynamics: evidence from empirical data and computational simulations
Session V: Neurophotonics, Next-Generation Microscopy, and Neurosensors
14:20Talk 14: Janine Mauzeroll
McGill University
Development of Electrochemical Neurosensors
15:05Talk 15: Edward Ruthazer
McGill University
New approaches for the study of CNS sensory circuit development using Xenopus tadpoles
15:20Talk 16: Simon Schultz
Imperial College
Optical neurotechnology – reverse-engineering and reshaping neural circuits with light
15:35Talk 17: Margaret Magdesian
McGill University
Development and Applications of Micro and Nano Tools in Cell Biology
15:50Talk 18: Paul Wiseman
McGill University
Mapping protein interactions & transport in cells and neurons via image correlation methods
16:00 Closing remarks
16:15Formal Workshop will be followed by closed-door meetings between McGill and Imperial College faculty members wishing
to discuss research collaborations and preparation of applications for joint pilot project grants.
18:00Dinner Helen Penfield Atrium