Daniel J Schoen

Academic title(s): 

W.C. Macdonald Professor of Botany

Daniel J Schoen
Contact Information

Stewart Biology Building, N3/8A

Email address: 
dan.schoen [at] mcgill.ca
Research areas: 
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology
Conservation, Ecology, Evolution and Behaviour
Areas of expertise: 

Evolution, ecology, and population genetics of plants. Conservation genetics. Application of theory and molecular genetic data to studies in plant evolution.

Current research: 

Higher plants have evolved an enormous diversity of strategies for successfully reproducing.This can be seen by taking a casual glance at the many flower and inflorescence types seen among the Angiosperms, as well as the diversity of reproductive structures seen in the ferns and gymnosperms.

Our lab has been interested in understanding the evolution of plant reproductive systems and related life history characteristics, ranging from varying rates of self-pollination, different inflorescence types and the varying longevity of reproductive structures. We use a combination of experiments and theoretical analysis to address these questions. Our current work focuses on the evolution and breakdown of self-incompatibility in the mustard genus Leavenworthia, a group of annual plants that has been a model system for studying mating system evolution.

Selected publications: 
  • Hendry AP, Schoen DJ, Wolak ME, Reid JM. 2018. The contemporary evolution of fitness. Annual Review of Ecology, Evolution, and Systematics 49:457-76
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