Postdoctoral Fellow Positions

Postdoctoral Fellow Positions - Viral Vectors and Vaccines Bioprocessing

Open research positions in the lab of Professor Amine Kamen 

Start date: immediate/rolling

Project(s) descriptions – The Viral Vectors and Vaccines Bioprocessing Group, Department of Bioengineering, McGill is inviting applications for Post-Doc positions for several projects addressing acceleration and intensification of manufacturing processes for recombinant vaccines, including COVID-19 vaccine candidates, and viral vectors for gene delivery. These projects involve academic, industrial, and government partners. The research projects are designed:
1- To exploit advanced genomics tools and a systematic approach for process acceleration and intensification in the field of viral vaccines.
2- To optimize and scale-up cell culture production processes, downstream processing, and formulation of viral vaccines
3- To develop and implement process and product analytical tools and methodologies to design process operation space, including management of data and machine learning to exploit Digital-Twins of Process Unit Operations for process optimization

Qualifications – To be eligible, the candidate must have:
A (bio)chemical engineering Ph.D. (or an equivalent degree in a related field)
Candidates with related degrees (e.g. in chemistry, biochemistry, cell biology, computer sciences, etc.) with a strong background process engineering are also welcome. The candidates should be strongly motivated by research and development and must demonstrate autonomy and excellent interpersonal competencies to operate within a large interdisciplinary team. Additionally, the candidate must demonstrate excellent scientific writing skills. McGill University is one of Canada's best-known institutions of higher learning and one of the leading universities in the world. With students coming to McGill from some 150 countries, our student body is the most internationally diverse of any research-intensive university in the country. Funding - Financial support for 2 years award for Post-Doctoral fellows. Applying – Interested candidates are invited to send their CV, a cover letter, a list of references and a copy of their transcripts to Prof. Amine Kamen at amine.kamen [at]

Postdoctoral Fellow Positions - Synthetic Biology

Open research positions in the lab of Professor Codruta Ignea

Start date: immediate/rolling

The Synthetic Biology group (Prof. Codruta Ignea) in the Bioengineering department at the McGill University invites highly motivated candidates to apply for a Postdoctoral Researcher position to study terpenoid biosynthesis and production using microbial cell factories.

Our group focus on the production of bioactive compounds in engineered yeast targeting the largest class of natural products, the terpenoids. These compounds have found various applications as pharmaceuticals, food supplements, flavors and fragrances, biopesticides or even biofuels. By reconstructing and optimizing target pathways and enzymes involved in terpenoid biosynthesis, we aim to achieve high yields of known compounds and produce new-to-nature molecules with potential interesting activities.

Project description: A talented postdoctoral researcher is needed in Dr. Codruta Ignea’s research lab in the Bioengineering department at McGill University to work on an interdisciplinary project for the production of bioactive terpenoids in yeast cells. The project is part of an integrative program aiming to AI-driven discovery of small molecules for drug development and combines computational studies with synthetic biology, metabolic engineering and bioactivity evaluation. The project involves synthetic biology, metabolic engineering and genome editing approaches for the reconstruction and optimization of target biosynthetic pathways in yeast cells, gene mining and screening of library candidates, enzyme engineering, production and characterization of target compounds.

Qualifications: Applicants must hold a Ph.D. in biochemistry or molecular biology (or a related discipline) with experience in biochemical engineering, enzymology, and/or analytical chemistry. Experience and good experimental skills in molecular techniques, protein engineering and mass spectrometry or computational skills on genomics/transcriptomics, enzyme structure or protein-protein networks are an advantage. Knowledge about plant natural products, specialized metabolism, or yeast manipulation is desirable but not essential.

Salary: to commensurate with experience

How to apply: Please send an application package containing a cover letter including a short description of relevant expertise, an up-to-date CV and the contact details of two references by clicking here

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