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Teaching Assistant Positions



Point 1: “A Teaching Assistant is a graduate student appointed to assist a Course Supervisor with the instruction and evaluation of students in a course. A teaching assistant works under the guidance and supervision of the Course Supervisor who is responsible for setting the course objectives, content and method of instruction as well as final grades and grading practices of the course.”

Point 2: TA positions are posted on myFuture. Go to the CAPS website (at https://mcgill.ca/caps/). Then, under Quick Links on the right side of the screen, click on myFuture, and log in. Next,  to see the list of available TA positions in BREE, click on the Jobs tab. To apply for a TA position you have to download a form, fill it in, and then upload it (see below). There are a few other things to do as well --- the procedure is explained on the webpage. Really simple, no problem :-) Note: The person who put that page together obviously worked under the assumption that graduate students are smart.

OK, so where to upload your form etc. once you've filled it in? On the MyFuture page there is a Document tab (not too far from the Jobs tab). Click on that one for uploading.

If you have any problems with this procedure, or questions or comments (keep it polite, please), contact: Jean Hepworth, McGill Career Planning Service (CaPS) at Jean.Hepworth [at] mcgill.ca or by phone at 514-398-3304 ext. 0598.

Point 3: If your application is accepted you will be sent a letter offering you employment.

Presumably, after all that, you will want to accept the offer ----- then you proceed to the next challenge. (An even more fun procedure! We test for persistence - keep going!)

Point 4: Sign the Offer of Employment Letter you received (physical, paper)

Point 5: In order to become a Teaching Assistant, you must become a member of the AGSEM union. Therefore, go to the AGSEM website, click on the Documents tab at the top, then scroll down to the section labelled "TA documents". From here download both files "TA Union Membership form" and "TA Workload Form". You will need to fill them both in. Note that union fees will be automatically withdrawn from your salary.

Point 6: Go to the Faculty HR site (Human Resources) at https://mcgill.ca/macdonald/about/faes/hr and get a Biographical Information Form (physical, paper).

Point 7: Fill in the TA Union Membership Form, and the Biographical Information Form and submit these, together with your signed Offer of Employment Letter to Ms. Leslie Ann LaDuke, Administrative Assistant, Room R3-032 Raymond Building. Note 1: If you are a foreign student, also submit a copy of your study permit. Note 2: You must have a Social Insurance Number to be hired/paid. You can take your letter of Offer of Employment to a Service Canada outlet to obtain one.

Point 8: Once you've got the job and you're all set, you need to fill out the TA Workload Form together with the Course Supervisor. Then make sure it gets to Ms. Leslie Ann LaDuke (at the latest, by the middle of the first month of the term).

Whew! If you succeed in completing this entire procedure without feeling somewhat impatient at least once, you will be awarded a special degree upon retirement:-)

Point 9: The dossiers of applicants not selected will be kept on file in case there are cancellations.


Additionally, here is the description of the application procedure as supplied by one of our graduate students:

1. At the departmental webpage, go the “Employment at the Department” page
2. Click on the CaPs page link
3. Under Quick Links click on MyFuture
4. Sign in with your McGill email and password
5. On the MyFuture page go to “Jobs” then type “BREE” in the keywords box (it will bring up all the available TA positions in the department)
6. Select the course for which you would like to be the TA
7. Download the TA application form and fill it in (I filled mine in by hand and then scanned it as a pdf file)
8. Go to the “Ddocuments” tab and click “Add New”
9. Upload the file (application form) as resume
10. Go to the “Job” tab and select the course again (this time it will show your documents)
11. Click on “Apply” and you are done (a confirmation mail will be sent to your email address immediately)