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Course Lecturer/Instructor Positions

Fall 2021 Application period: June 1-15, 2021

Internal candidates (current McGill employees who are receiving a salary) apply via:

External candidates, apply via:

Instructions for Applying:

If you require assistance, please contact:

  • ann.gossage [at] (Ann Gossage) (Animal Science, Natural Resource Science)
  • lindsay.flood [at] (Lindsay Flood) (Plant Science; School of Human Nutrition)
  • leslie.laduke [at] (Leslie LaDuke) (Food Science; Bioresource Engineering)
  • joanne.teneyck [at] (Joanne Ten Eyck) (Farm Management & Technology Program; Parasitology)

Check your Priority Points

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Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

There are no positions currently available

Animal Science

ANSC 323, Mammalian Physiology

Bieler School of Environment

Please see listings on the website

Bioresource Engineering

BREE 451, 452, 453, Undergraduate Seminar 1,2,3
BREE 503, Water:  Society, Law and Policy

Farm Management and Technology

FMT4 003, Information Management
FMT4 014, Marketing Strategies
FMT4 022, Equipment Management
FMTP 075, Langue française et communication
FMTP 078, FMT English
FMTP 080, English Upgrading
FMTP 082, Literary Genres
FMTP 085, Humanities 1:  Knowledge
FMTP 086, Humanities 2:  World Views
FMTP 090, Physical Activity and Health

Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry

There are no positions currently available

Natural Resource Sciences

AEHM 205, Science Literacy
AEHM 330, Academic and Scientific Writing
AGEC 330, Agriculture and Food Markets
ENTO 330, Insect Biology
ENVB 410, Ecosystem Ecology
WILD 401, Fisheries and Wildlife Management
WILD 420, Ornithology


There are no positions currently available

Plant Science

PLNT 358, Flowering Plant Diversity

School of Human Nutrition

NUTR 342, Applied Human Resources
NUTR 512, Herbs, Foods & Phytochemicals
NUTR 545, Clinical Nutrition 2

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