Statistical analysis


There are several packages available for statistical analysis of MINC images.




EMMA (Extensible MATLAB Medical image Analysis) is a toolkit designed to ease the use of MATLAB in the analysis of medical imaging data. It provides functions for reading and writing MINC files, viewing images, performing ROI operations, and performing several popular analyses. Also, there are toolkits for performing kinetic analysis of dynamic PET rCBF (regional cerebral blood flow) and FDG data.

Glim Image

glim_image performs voxel-wise analysis on MINC images as it relates to a linear model, such as VBM (Voxel Based Morphometry), to examine the changes in segmented tissue matter (white matter, gray matter, CSF), or DBM (Deformation Based Morphometry), to run statistics on the cortical atrophy.


Surfstat is a Matlab toolbox for the statistical analysis of univariate and multivariate surface and volumetrics data using linear mixed effects models and random field theory.


RMNC is an R based library for Voxel Based Morphometry analysis, created by Jason Lerch in the ACELab in 2005.


fMRIstats is an fMRI statistical analysis toolkit implemented in matlab.

(see the procedure on Mike Ferriera Page).


NIAK (Neuroimaging Analysis Kit) is an fMRI processing pipeline for Matlab and Octave​.