About Edward Beatty

In 1952, McGill received a $100,000 gift from Dr. Henry A. Beatty to launch an annual lecture in honor of his brother, Sir Edward Beatty. Known in his lifetime as "the man with the world's biggest job", Edward Beatty is remembered for his exemplary service to McGill as chancellor from 1921 to 1943, and for his two decades of leadership as president of the Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR). Explore historical records, photographs, and video documenting the remarkable life of Edward Beatty, spanning both World Wars and the tumultuous 1920s and 1930s.

Early Years
1877 - 1900
CPR Years
1901 - 1942
McGill Years
Sir Edward's Legacy

"Sir Edward Beatty held a position in public esteem second to none among those who have been foremost in the life of Canada" - Prime Minister Mackenzie King, 1943

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