Iwao Hirose

I am Professor and Canada Research Chair in Value Theory and the Philosophy of Public Policy. My research areas are normative ethics and the philosophy of social science. More specifically, I work on the formal features of theories of distributive justice. My monographs include Moral Aggregation (2015) and Egalitarianism (2015). I co-edited Oxford Handbook of Value Theory (2015) with Jonas Olson and Weighing and Reasoning (2015) with Andrew Reisner. I am interested to apply the results of philosophical analysis to the practical issues arising from public policy. The major output of my interests in public policy is The Ethics of Health Care Rationing (2014; second edition 2022), which I co-authored with Greg Bognar, and The Ethics of Pandemics (2023).

I began my academic career as Donnelly Junior Research Fellow at University College, Oxford and then as Research Fellow at Harvard University and Melbourne University. I moved to McGill University in 2007, where I teach and conduct research as Professor. I have held visiting fellowships and professorships at Universite Catholique de Louvain; University of Stockholm; University of Tokyo; St Anne's College, Oxford; New York University; Fondation Brocher; College d'etudes mondiales, Paris; the Waseda Institute for Advanced Study, Tokyo; Corpus Christi College, Oxford; Hebrew University of Jerusalem; the Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm; and the Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study, Uppsala.

I was awarded the Kitty Newman Memorial Award by the Royal Society of Canada in 2018 and a Tier 1 Canada Research Chair by the Government of Canada in 2019.

For further information on my ongoing research, please look at the webpage of Canada Research Chair in Value Theory and the Philosophy of Public Policy.

Currently, I am working on a series of papers on measurement in ethics and a second edition of Egalitarianism, which I attempt to complete by the end of 2023.

From May to August 2023, I will be visiting the Institute of Social Science, University of Tokyo.


岩波書店『図書』2023年5・6月号掲載「大学入試って何を試したいの?」はここ。 PDF icon iwanami.pdf

TBSラジオ『たまむすび』で2022年8月22日に赤江さんが読んだメッセージはここ。PDF icon tama954


The Ethics of Pandemics (2022)Egalitarianism

and my books in Japanese.


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