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All amounts indicated on this page are in Canadian dollars.


How much are the fees?

The fees for 2016 are being reviewed and will be increased due to fluctuations in currency, accomodations and transportation costs.  The new fee breakdown will be available soon.  Please note that the deposit will remain the same.

  • Amount varies: tuition fees. See below.
  • $12,050 CFSIA non-tuition program fee, payable as follows:
    • $1,000 CFSIA deposit. Due at time of application to the CFSIA program. Refundable subject to certain conditions.
    • $7,000 CFSIA 1st installment. Due September 15.
    • $4,050 CFSIA 2nd installment. Due November 15. ***Note: the program's fees are based on the previous year's costs. The third installment may change slightly. If there is a change, it will be announced.




How do I pay my fees?

You may pay your fees in the following ways:

  • $12,050 CFSIA fees (subject to increase):
    $1,000 initial deposit: see instructions on the application page. 
    $7,000 + $4,050: payments will be accepted by Student Accounts.

    For futher information on procedures for payment of fees visit the Student Accounts website.

    On-line banking
    Pay to McGill University using your student ID as the account number.
    Once you have done this, email student [dot] accounts [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Student Accounts) to notify the financial office that the payment has been made with the subject of the email being Africa Field Studies Semester

  • Tuition - See below.

What's included in the CFSIA program fee ($12,050 ***Subject to increase***)?


  • return airfare from Montreal to Kenya (participants are responsible for transportation to and from Montreal)
  • accommodation
  • meals
  • ground transportation
  • park fees
  • game drives, archaeological site visits, visits to local villages
  • African lecturers
  • gratuities for Africa staff

Not included:

  • transportation to and from Montreal (participants are responsible for this)
  • McGill tuition (see below)
  • McGill application fees
  • immunizations
  • antimalarial drugs
  • airport fees and taxes
  • visas
  • spending money
  • health or travel insurance




Are the fees tax deductible?

The CFSIA program fees cover expenses related to living, travel, and field activities in Africa. Based on the anticipated expenses of the program, some fees will be tax-deductible and some will not. This process is evaluated on a yearly basis. Once it has been done, the tax and non-tax deductible amounts will show on your Minerva statement.

For further information on how to obtain your tax receipts, go to the Student Accounts website.

Tuition fees

Students must register for their courses and pay before leaving for Africa. For more information about paying student fees, please visit the Student Accounts website. Students may give "guest access" to someone such as a parent to view their student account (tuition) via the internet.

Student Accounts provides the schedule of fees.


Health insurance for international students

McGill has a compulsory group sickness and accident plan for all international students. This fee is automatically charged to international students.  To request the extended health insurance while participating in the Africa program contact International Student Services .

Refund policy


Withdrawal by the student

  • $1000 (deposit):
  • Is fully refundable up to the time of the first installment; it is non refundable thereafter.
  • $7000***subject to increase*** (1st instalment- 15th September):
  • Is fully refundable for any reason until we purchase airline tickets. After we purchase airline tickets, you will be refunded $7000 less the value of the airfare. To take advantage of seat sales, ticket purchase may be as early as September 15th. The value of the ticket is non-refundable, therefore we strongly recommend that you purchase cancellation insurance in the event the CFSIA is cancelled or you are unable to travel.
  • $4050***subject to increase*** (2nd instalment- 15th November):
  • Because there are fixed costs associated with the program that must be paid regardless of the number of students participating, only 50% of the two installments, less the value of the airfare, can be refunded for withdrawal after Nov 1st. If a student can be recruited from the waiting list, a larger refund may be possible, but neither McGill nor the CFSIA can offer any assurance that late recruitment will be possible.

Cancellation or termination by the University

The African Field Study Semester is subject to security reviews right up to the time of departure. If the CFSIA program is cancelled by the University for security or any other reason, there will be costs associated with this cancellation. Certain pre-paid, fixed costs cannot be reimbursed/refunded. Applicants must be aware that security is a top priority for McGill and the CFSIA program.  If there are any doubts about meeting the security standards, the CFSIA program will be cancelled at the University’s discretion.

Cancellation of the CFSIA program BEFORE departure: 80% of the two installments will be refunded less the value of the airfare.

Termination of the CFSIA program AFTER departure: This would only occur under exceptional circumstances. Based on the emergency response strategy, a decision about possible refunds would be undertaken only after the safe return of all participants and the assessment of the related expenses.


Potential Funding

  • McGill International Experience Award

The McGill International Experience Award, supported by Joseph Schull  (BA ‘82, MA ’85) and Anna Yang( BCL , LLB ’88) to help students gain first hand international experience related to their fields of study. The award is meant to provide partial funding to assist students with travel and other expenses related to their international experience.

Award amount: $1500.00. Award availability to be posted.

Send the following documents to heather [dot] yeoman [at] mcgill [dot] ca
- Letter of intent
- Unofficial transcript
- C.V

Deadline to apply: Friday December 5th, noon (no exceptions will be made!)

At the end of your field study semester you will be asked to provide the following:

- A picture
- A short report about your experience or a specific event that happened during your field semester
- A thank you note to the donors.

  • Mobility Award

Quebec residents, Canadian and International students participating in an official exchange, field-study semester, study-on-own, research or internship program may be entitled to a bursary for international studies.
For additional information on this bursary click here.