Principal Investigator:

Christophe Bedos

Je suis un citoyen qui supporte mal les discriminations de toutes sortes et qui rêve d’une société solidaire et inclusive. Dentiste de formation, je suis également professeur à l’Université McGill. Dans mes recherches, comme dans mes activités d’enseignement, je mets l’accent sur l’accès aux soins et la lutte contre l’exclusion.


Co-principal investigators:

Shahrokh Esfandiari

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Richard Hovey

Associate Professor in the Division of Oral Health and Society with the Faculty of Dentistry, McGill University; as well as an Adjunct Professor in Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies with the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Calgary. Dr. Hovey’s research approach utilizes philosophical hermeneutics and phenomenology in strengthening our understanding of the experiences of vulnerable and underserved populations, like those living with chronic illness, cancer, disability, or the affects of medically induced trauma.

Jacqueline Rousseau

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Project coordinator/researcher:

Nora Makansi

Nora Makansi, DDS, PhD, is a research associate in the division of Oral Health and Society and lecturer with the faculty of Dentistry, at McGill University. Through her doctoral and postdoctoral training, Nora developed her research experience in qualitative and mixed methods research examining moral agency in children and eating behavior in an adolescent population. She is also a retuning instructor in the annual summer institute on innovative research methodologies.


Community Partners:

Linda Gauthier

Ms. Linda Gauthier is the public relations representative of the RAPLIQ (Regroupement Activisites Pour L'inclusion Quebec). She is the designer of several projects within the organization. Ms. Gauthier assists persons with disabilities who are victims of discriminatory or even criminal situations by writing their complaints before the Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights. She accompanies them until the closing of the file (mediation, investigation, court). Linda Gauthier is very involved in her community and in her city. She actively participates in many commissions. She is a member of COPHAN's Committee on Built Environment and Public Facilities and the committee for universal access at Via Rail Canada inc. In 2016, she received an award from The Human Rights Commission and Commission of the Youth for being among the top 40 human rights advocates in Quebec.

Laurent Morissette

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Claire Savage

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Isabelle Ducharme

Ms. Isabelle Ducharme has been working on social integration of people with disabilities for more than 25 years. During these years, Miss Ducharme has presented at various conferences and facilitated multiple workshops on creating awareness for integrating people with disabilities. Her personal experience of living with a spinal cord injury since her car accident in 1988 gives her unique insight in the barriers many persons with disabilities face.

Ms. Ducharme is Chairman of the Board at Kéroul, a Quebec-based organization with the mission to make tourism and culture more accessible for persons with limited physical abilities. She is also active on the Board of Global Alliance on Accessible Technologies and Environments (GAATES), the leading international organization dedicated to the promotion of accessibility of the built and virtual environments.

In the field of disabilities, Ms. Ducharme has delivered keynotes at various international conferences. She has developed and delivered sensitivity awareness classes to the travel industry She has created a new concept of accessible circuit to promote accessible venues: She also has created and hosted a radio show to keep people with disabilities informed of products and services available: Accès libre She is a touristic columnist at AMItélé.

She has a bachelor’s degree in communications at Université de Montréal and a Master’s degree in business and tourism planning at Université du Québec à Montréal. She also completed a course in ‘’communication and leadership’’ from Dale Carnegie to further refine her presentation skills.



Mary Ellen Macdonald

Mary Ellen Macdonald, PhD is a medical anthropologist with postdoctoral training in Pediatric Palliative Care. In addition to her appointment as Associate Professor in the Division of Oral Health and Society, she is affiliated with the Departments of Pediatrics and Oncology, and the Ingram School of Nursing and Biomedical Ethics Unit. She is also Core Faculty in the McGill Centre for Medical Education. She chairs the McGill Qualitative Health Research Group Her main research interests include oral health in vulnerable populations, palliative care and bereavement research, cultural aspects of health and illness with Indigenous communities, and health professions education research.

Belinda Nicolau

A former practicing dentist, Dr. Belinda Nicolau, DDS, PhD, is an Associate Professor and the Assistant Dean of Research at the McGill University Faculty of Dentistry. She is also an Associate Member of the Department of Oncology (Faculty of Medicine, McGill University), the director of the McGill Summer Institute in Innovative Methodologies, and a member of the Executive Committee of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) – Canadian Division and IADR – Behavioral, Epidemiologic and Health Services Research Group. As Canada Research Chair in Life Course Oral Epidemiology, she leads a comprehensive research program investigating chronic oral disease including the aetiology of head and neck cancer and oral inflammation, using epidemiological and life course approaches.

Martine levesque

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Kim Farrell

Kim Farrell, HD, B.A.A. est enseignante au Cégep de Saint-Hyacinthe depuis 10 ans et est hygiéniste dentaire depuis 19 ans. Souhaitant une plus grande accessibilité aux soins dentaires pour tous, elle était membre du comité sur l’accès aux soins buccodentaires de l’Ordre des dentistes du Québec, comité qui a siégé de 2012 à 2014. Elle est impliquée au niveau gouvernemental à l’Ordre des hygiénistes dentaires du Québec comme administratrice. Passionnée d’enseignement, elle souhaite participer à ce que les professionnels dentaires soient formés adéquatement pour recevoir tous les types de clientèles.

Tammy Thomson

Tammy Thomson, DEP, BEdVoc., MA, is a teacher and curriculum leader of the Dental Assisting program at Lester B. Pearson School Board, QC. Her research focus is on dental assisting and regulation and she is very active in the Canadian dental assistance community.

Nareg Apelian

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Mario Brondani

Mario A Brondani, DDS, MSc, MPH, PhD, is an Associate Professor and Director of the Dental Public Health Graduate Program at the University of British Columbia. Mario’s passion for access to care and dental public health started while working as a general dentist (DDS 1990-1994) in his private practice (1994-2001) in Brazil. At that time, he volunteered in a long-term care facility which prompted him to concentrate efforts towards gerontology/geriatrics. His MSc (2000-2002, Brazil) focused on the development, application and evaluation of an educational oral health program for seniors and care aids from 12 long-term care facilities. He soon after pursued a Ph.D (2002-2007, UBC Faculty of Dentistry) to evaluate and refine a model of oral health for older adults and to unravel the validity of dental psychometrics used to measure the oral health-related quality of life in old age. After completing a M.P.H in 2012 with focus on HIV resource services, Mario proposed and developed a graduate program in Dental Public Health as a dual degree in partnership with the UBC School of Population and Public Health. Mario also completed a Teaching in Higher Education Certificate Program – Graduated Certificate Program (2006-2007) from the Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology and a Peer Reviewer Workshop for Educators, both at UBC.

Mario currently directs the graduate dental public health program at UBC, coordinates the undergraduate teaching of dental geriatrics, serves as the current president (2017-19) of the Canadian Association of Public Health Dentistry, volunteers as a reviewer for more than 10 peer reviewed journals and granting agencies, and has more than 70 peer reviewed publications and book/book chapters. Up to today, Mario has supervised more than 10 MSC and PhD students, and has secured more than 10 research grants. Mario focuses his research in dental public health and access to care, dental education and learning pedagogies, and geriatric dentistry.

Felix Gerard

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Global Partners :

Jean Noel Vergnes

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Alessandra Blaizot

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