Catalyst Award Nominations


Online, CA

The deadline for submissions will be February 27 2013

The 3rd annual Catalyst Awards will be held in 2013 to recognize students, staff, and faculty who have made meaningful and enduring contributions to the sustainability movement at McGill University. The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge and celebrate those who have motivated action and led the way towards integrating sustainability into McGill’s operations, curriculum, and culture. Below are descriptions of each award (including the cash value associated with the award, where applicable) and the requirements for submission materials that will be used to judge the candidates.

The awards up for nomination will be as follows:

Emerald Key

For student contribution to sustainability ($2000)

Catalyst Awards

For student collaboration on sustainability with the administration ($750)
For applied student research on sustainability ($750)
For student ‘lessons learned’ in sustainability efforts ($750)
For staff contribution to sustainability

An official webform application will be available soon. Start preparing your applications, and visit the Catalyst Awards page for more information on each category.