Faculty of Science professors eligible to supervise for the NSERC USRA

This page contains information for Summer 2017.

Questions? Please see the main webpage for NSERC USRA in the Faculty of Science.

Who is eligible to supervise students for an NSERC USRA? What kind of grant must a supervisor hold?

  • To be eligible, faculty members must hold an eligible active NSERC research grant (see list below), either at the time you submit the application or when you hold the award.
  • Faculty members whose research grants terminated on March 31, 2016, but who received an extension to use up the remaining funds from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017, will be eligible to supervise a USRA student during fiscal year 2017-2018 (including Summer 2017).
  • The supervisor may be either the principal investigator or the co-investigator of the grant.
  • Researchers holding only Research Tools and Instruments, and Infrastructure Grants are not eligible.
  • Note also that proposed supervisors should hold their primary appointment at McGill University. If not, students should apply through the supervisorís primary institution. (Example: your supervisor holds her or his main appointment at Université de Montréal, but has an additional appointment at McGill as an adjunct professor. In this case, apply through the Université de Montréal, not through McGill.)

Professors holding the following types of grants are eligible to supervise NSERC USRA holders for the 2016 competition:

  • NSERC Grants Programs
    • Climate Change and Atmospheric Research (CCAR)
    • Discovery Grants (Individual, and Team)
      • Subatomic Physics Discovery Grants Program (SAP), (Individual, Team, Project)
      • Discovery Grants—Northern Research Supplements Program
      • Discovery Development Grants (DDG)
      • Discovery Frontiers
      • Discovery Accelerator Supplements Program (DAS)
      • Ship Time Program
    • G8 Research Councils Initiative on Multilateral Research Funding and Belmont Forum
    • CREATE (Collaborative Research and Training Experience Program)
    • Brockhouse Canada Prize for Interdisciplinary Research in Science and Engineering
    • NSERC John C. Polanyi Award
    • Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal for Science and Engineering
    • Chairs for Women in Science and Engineering (CWSE)
  • NSERC Partnerships
    • Automotive Partnership Canada (APC)
    • Chairs in Design Engineering (CDE)
    • Collaborative Health Research Projects (CHRP)
    • Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) Grants
    • DND/NSERC Research Partnership Grants
    • Engage Grants (EG) and Engage Plus (EPG)
    • Idea to Innovation (I2I) Grants
    • Industrial Research Chairs (IRC)
    • Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE)
    • Strategic Network Grants (SNG)
    • Strategic Project Grants (SPG)
  • Canada Research Chairs (CRC)
  • Canada Excellence Research Chairs (CERC)

What if my proposed supervisor is not on these lists?

There are several possible reasons, which include the following:

  • Some professors have appointments in multiple departments, but are only listed in one department below.
  • This list does not include professors from outside the McGill Faculty of Science.
  • Professors who are currently applying for an NSERC grant, but do not currently hold a grant, do not appear here.
  • The list below is preliminary, not final. It represents a slice in time, and may not have the most recent information.

If your proposed supervisor is not on this list, please ask if she/he holds an NSERC research grant, or is currently applying for a grant, and then provide this information to the victor.chisholm [at] mcgill.ca (Office for Undergraduate Research in Science) to verify the supervisor's eligibility.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences: eligible supervisors

  1. Ariya, Parisa A
  2. Fabry, Frederic
  3. Gyakum, John Richard
  4. Huang, Yi
  5. Kirshbaum, Daniel Joseph
  6. Merlis, Timothy
  7. Preston, Thomas Colin
  8. Straub, David N
  9. Tremblay, Bruno
  10. Yau, Man K
  11. Zuend, Andreas

Note: Prof. Peter Bartello (whose grant is listed under Mathematics & Statistics) is also eligible.

Biology: eligible supervisors

See also the Redpath Museum below. Several researchers are cross-appointed in Biology and the Redpath Museum.

  1. Abouheif, Ehab
  2. Bell, Graham
  3. Brouhard, Gary John
  4. Brown, Gregory G
  5. Bureau, Thomas E
  6. Chapman, Lauren J.
  7. Cristescu, Melania
  8. Davies, Thomas Jonathan
  9. Fussmann, Gregor Florian
  10. Gonzalez, Andrew
  11. Gregory-Eaves, Irene
  12. Guichard, Frederic
  13. Harrison, Paul Martin
  14. Hendricks, Shelton Michael
  15. Lasko, Paul
  16. Lechowicz, Martin J
  17. Lefebvre, Louis
  18. Leung, Brian
  19. Moon, Nam Sung
  20. Nilson, Laura
  21. Potvin, Catherine
  22. Price, Neil
  23. Reader, Simon Matthew
  24. Reyes Lamothe, Rodrigo
  25. Roy, Richard D W
  26. Sakata, Jon
  27. Schoeck, Frieder Bernd
  28. Schoen, Daniel J
  29. Vogel, Jacalyn Mari
  30. Watt, Alanna Jean
  31. Western, Tamara Lynn
  32. Zheng, Huanquan

Chemistry: eligible supervisors

  1. Andrews, Mark P
  2. Arndtsen, Bruce A
  3. Auclair, Karine
  4. Barrett, Christopher John
  5. Blum, Amy Szuchmacher
  6. Bohle, David Scott
  7. Butler, Ian Sydney
  8. Cosa, Gonzalo
  9. Damha, Masad J
  10. Eisenberg, Adi
  11. Friscic, Tomislav
  12. Gleason, James L
  13. Gray, Derek G
  14. Kakkar, Ashok K
  15. Kambhampati, Patanjali
  16. Khaliullin, Rustam
  17. Lennox, R Bruce
  18. Li, Chao-Jun
  19. Lumb, Jean-Philip
  20. Mauzeroll, Janine
  21. Mittermaier, Anthony Karl
  22. Moitessier, Nicolas Rene Francois
  23. Moores, Audrey
  24. Perepichka, Dmytro
  25. Preston, Thomas Colin
  26. Reven, Linda G
  27. Rogers, Robin D.
  28. Sleiman, Hanadi
  29. Tsantrizos, Youla S
  30. Van de Ven, Theodorus G
  31. Wiseman, Paul William

Computer Science: eligible supervisors

  1. Blanchette, Mathieu
  2. Cai, Yang
  3. Chang, Xiao-Wen
  4. Cheung, Jackie
  5. Crepeau, Claude
  6. Devroye, Luc P
  7. Dudek, Gregory L
  8. Hatami, Hamed
  9. Hendren, Laurie
  10. Kemme, Bettina
  11. Kienzle, Jorg Andreas
  12. Kry, Paul
  13. Langer, Michael
  14. Liu, Xue
  15. Maheswaran, Muthucumaru
  16. Meger, David Paul
  17. Paige, Christopher Conway
  18. Panangaden, Prakash
  19. Pientka, Brigitte
  20. Pineau, Joelle
  21. Precup, Doina
  22. Reed, Bruce Alan
  23. Robillard, Martin
  24. Ruths, Derek
  25. Siddiqi, Kaleem
  26. Tropper, Carl
  27. Verbrugge, Clark
  28. Waldispuhl, Jérôme

Earth and Planetary Sciences: eligible supervisors

  1. Baker, Don
  2. Berlo, Kim
  3. Gomez, Natalya
  4. Halverson, Galen Pippa
  5. Kirkpatrick, James David
  6. Liu, Yajing
  7. McKenzie, Jeffrey Marshall
  8. Mucci, Alfonso
  9. Rowe, Christen Danielle
  10. Stix, John
  11. van Hinsberg, Vincent Johan
  12. Williams-Jones, Anthony E

The following supervisor's NSERC grant applications are currently in the review stage. You can apply for a USRA with them now, while their grant applications are pending, but to receive an award, their grant applications must be successful. You may wish to jeanne.paquette [at] mcgill.ca (contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics) for special conditions that may apply.

  • Douglas, Peter

Geography: eligible supervisors

  1. Chmura, Gail L
  2. Lehner, Bernhard Ludwig
  3. MacDonald, Graham Kyle
  4. Moore, Timothy R
  5. Pollard, Wayne H
  6. Roulet, Nigel Thomas

Mathematics and Statistics: eligible supervisors

  1. Addario-Berry, Dana Louis
  2. Asgharian-Dastenaei, Masoud
  3. Bartello, Peter
  4. Chen, Linan
  5. Choksi, Rustum
  6. Darmon, Henri
  7. Genest, Christian
  8. Goren, Eyal Z
  9. Guan, Pengfei
  10. Humphries, Antony Raymond
  11. Hurtubise, Jacques Claude
  12. Jakobson, Dmitry
  13. Jaksic, Vojkan
  14. Kamran, Niky
  15. Khalili Mahmoudabadi, Abbas
  16. Nave, Jean-Christophe
  17. Neslehova, Johanna
  18. Norin, Sergey
  19. Oberman, Adam M.
  20. Pichot, Michael Yves Michel
  21. Przytycki, Piotr
  22. Radziwill, Maksym
  23. Russell, Karl Peter
  24. Sabok, Marcin
  25. Shepherd, Frederick Bruce
  26. Steele, Russell
  27. Stephens, David Alan
  28. Toth, John A
  29. Tsogtgerel, Gantumur
  30. Vetois, Jerome
  31. Vetta, Adrian Roshan
  32. Wise, Daniel T.
  33. Yang, Yi

The following supervisor's NSERC grant applications are currently in the review stage. You can apply for a USRA with them now, while their grant applications are pending, but to receive an award, their grant applications must be successful. You may wish to angela.white [at] mcgill.ca (contact the Department of Mathematics and Statistics) for special conditions that may apply.

  • Hoheisel, Tim

Physics: eligible supervisors

  1. Altounian, Zaven
  2. Brandenberger, Robert
  3. Brunner, Thomas
  4. Buchinger, Fritz
  5. Childress, Lilian
  6. Clerk, Aashish
  7. Cline, James M
  8. Coish, William
  9. Cooke, David
  10. Corriveau, Francois
  11. Cowan, Nicolas
  12. Crawford, John
  13. Cumming, Andrew
  14. Dasgupta, Keshav
  15. Dobbs, Matthew Adam
  16. Francois, Paul
  17. Gale, Charles
  18. Gervais, Guillaume
  19. Grant, Martin
  20. Grutter, Peter H
  21. Guo, Hong
  22. Haggard, Daryl
  23. Hanna, David Scott
  24. Hilke, Michael
  25. Jeon, Sang Yong
  26. Kaspi, Victoria
  27. Leslie, Sabrina
  28. Lovejoy, Shaun MacDonald
  29. Maloney, Alexander
  30. Pereg-Barnea, Tamar
  31. Provatas, Nikolaos
  32. Ragan, Kenneth
  33. Reisner, Walter
  34. Robertson, Steven Hugh
  35. Rutledge, Robert Edward
  36. Ryan, Dominic
  37. Sankey, Jack Clayton
  38. Siwick, Bradley John
  39. Sutton, Mark
  40. Vachon, Brigitte
  41. Warburton, Andreas Thomas
  42. Webb, Tracy

Psychology: eligible supervisors

  1. Bartz, Jennifer
  2. Britt, Jonathan Phillip
  3. Gu, Fei
  4. Hwang, Heungsun
  5. Levitin, Daniel
  6. Mogil, Jeffrey Steven
  7. Onishi, Kristine
  8. Ostry, David J
  9. Palmer, Caroline
  10. Ristic, Jelena
  11. Sheldon, Signy Anne Marie
  12. Shultz, Thomas R
  13. Titone, Debra Ann
  14. White, Norman

Redpath Museum: eligible supervisors

See also the Department of Biology above. Several researchers are cross-appointed in Biology and the Redpath Museum.

  1. Barrett, Rowan
  2. Green, David M
  3. Hendry, Andrew
  4. Larsson, Hans Carl Erling
  5. Millien, Virginie Sabine
  6. Ricciardi, Anthony

Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Physiology

These departments are part of the Faculty of Medicine. Please refer to the Faculty of Medicine's webpage for NSERC USRA.