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Course registration problems - who to contact

Registration for courses is controled by the departments who offer the courses. SOUSA advisors cannot help you register for courses that are full or restricted, or have other issues. You must contact the department who offers the course. However, for some courses, there are specific people to contact to resolve registration issues.

For general questions regarding program requirements, contact the Program Advisors. Some of the people listed below are program advisors, but some are not.


B.A.&Sc. program types

Students are required to take the integrative course BASC 201 (3 credits).

Students who need 96 or fewer credits to complete their B.A. & Sc. degree requirements (3-year degree) must select one of the following program combinations at the time of registration: multi-track, interfaculty program, joint honours program, or honours program.

Orientation and Registration - Start Here

Help Line for Newly Admitted B.A. & Sc. and B.Sc. students (2016-2017):

Tel: 514-398-5442
Hours: Monday to Friday
9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Steps to Beginning Your Degree Successfully

The table below contains the list of steps to follow for course selection, advising, and registration. Please read the information carefully.

The dates in the table are provided for your convenience. Please consult the complete list of important dates for details

Issues to consider when selecting programs

Students selecting a program should choose an area that fits their general academic interests and background. The Bachelor's degree is intended to serve as a general preliminary step in the pursuit of major career goals. Students in the Bachelor of Science degree may, in addition to their first program, choose from a large number of Minor and Minor Concentrations approved by the Faculty of Science. Undecided students should consider their basic strengths and weaknesses when considering the following:

How to select courses

As a Freshman Program student you will be using the web to have your course selection approved by a Faculty adviser and will not be assigned to a departmental program adviser during your first year at McGill. However, you are encouraged to consult departmental advisers about specific academic information pertaining to prerequisites, courses and departmental programs. Their advice will enable you to have a better understanding of the departmental programs you may choose. B.Sc.

B.Sc. program types

Students who need 96 or fewer credits to complete their B.Sc. degree requirements (3-year degree) must select one of the following degree programs at the time of registration: Liberal, Major, or Honours. These programs must be selected from within the Science group to which you have been admitted. For detailed descriptions of these types of programs, please consult the Science section of the McGill eCalendar, or the Science department websites.

Tips on handling registration problems

There are a variety of controls that can be placed on courses that may cause "registration errors" (i.e. registration failures) when you are registering on Minerva. Below are some of the registration errors that you may encounter with an explanation and suggestions for problem-solving.

Cancellation of registration

If you decide not to return to McGill in September or January after you have registered, drop all your courses on Minerva or submit a written request to cancel your registration.

In your letter include your McGill student number and your signature. Enclose your McGill student ID card and forward it to the following address:

Enrolment Services - Service Point

Service Point has brought together newly-integrated front-line undergraduate and graduate student administrative services. Located on the ground floor of the McLennan Library Building in the heart of the downtown campus, Service Point will address a wide variety of students' needs:

Course change period

There is a Course Change (Add/Drop) Period during both the fall and the winter terms. This allows you to "shop around" for courses which you may be interested in taking but have not registered for. From the beginning of the term until the end of Course Change Period you may attend as many courses as your schedule will permit.