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Academic integrity

As a McGill student, you are responsible for knowing the rules and regulations concerning academic honesty, which can be found in The Handbook on Student Rights and Responsibilities. Perhaps more important, it is also your responsibility to help maintain the academic integrity of the University.

Reassessment and rereads

  • Reassessments and rereads for Science courses are subject to the deadlines, rules, and regulations outlined in eCalendar (click on link above for details).

Final examinations

Formal final examinations are held during an examination period following the term in which the course is given (fall and winter terms only). The dates of the examination periods are listed in the Important Dates. Students are warned not to make travel arrangements to leave Montreal prior to the scheduled end of any examination period. In some courses there is no final examination; standing in these courses is determined on the basis of term work and class tests.

Deferred examinations

Science students who, for serious reasons such as illness or family affliction, have not written one or more examinations (including take-home examinations), may receive the permission from Service Point to defer the examination to the next supplemental examination period, (except in the Faculties of Engineering and Continuing Education (where students write the examination the next time the course is given).

Illness during an exam

Missed Assignments

If, due to illness, you have missed assignments or mid-term examinations, see your professor and try to make alternative arrangements. You must be prepared to provide confirmation of illness. Examinations for multi-term courses during the fall-term final examination period in December are treated as mid-terms and alternative arrangements must be made with the professor.

Supplemental examinations

Students who wish to write supplemental examinations for certain courses must apply on Minerva through the Student Record Menu.

The following conditions apply:

Exam information

This section contains information about final, deferred, and supplemental examinations, as well as mark reassessment procedures. Choose from the sidebar menu at the left or below for suitable information.