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Continuing Education courses

Registering for a Continuing Education course for credit toward your B.A. & Sc. degree:

  • Continuing Education courses with subject numbers that do not start with a C can be taken for credit towards your B.A. & Sc. degree.

    The exceptions to this rule are:
    CHEM 18X World of Chemistry X
    CEAP 250 Research Essay & Rhetoric
    CESL 150 English as a Second Language
    CESL 200 ESL: Academic English 1
    CESL 299 ESL: Academic English Seminar
    CESL 300 ESL: Academic English 2

Limits on non-Arts or Science courses

There are limits on how many credits students in the B.A.&Sc. degree take outside of the Faculties of Arts and Science. The regulations for these limits are covered  B.A.&Sc. eCalendar.

Restricted courses outside the Faculty of Science

Course restrictions 2015-2016 General policy

While all courses offered at McGill have academic merit, not all are appropriate for credit towards the B.Sc. degree. Science students should consult the Science section of the eCalendar for the regulations governing which courses are open to them.