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Public Lecture: "Perspective on the Search for Other Earths"

McIntyre Medical Building 3655 promenade Sir William Osler, Montreal, QC, H3G 1Y6, CA

The McGill Physics Department and the McGill Space Institute present a Beatty Public Lecture in commemoration of the UNESCO's International Year of Light.

Mathematica software now Free for Students

Mathematica, from Wolfram Research, is a powerful computational software used for mathematical modeling and data visualization.  McGill IT Services has been providing Mathematica to Faculty & Staff, and in computer labs across the University for the past few years.  Now it is also available to students via the McGill Software site (www.mcgill.ca/software).

Published: 9Feb2015

MS Office 365 ProPlus

MS Office 365 ProPlus now available for faculty and staff.

Published: 26Jan2015

South Asian Religions Distinguished Lectureship

Birks Building Birks Heritage Chapel, 3520 University Street, 3520 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2A7, CA

Padma Kaimal, Professor of Art and Art History, Colgate University, 'Scattered Goddesses: Travels with the Yoginis'.

Lecture by Ven. Shi Huifeng

Birks Building Birks Heritage Chapel, 3520 University Street, 3520 rue University, Montreal, QC, H3A 2A7, CA

Lecture by Ven. Shi Huifeng, Assistant Abbot of Fo Guang Shan Temple, Taiwan, “Know Mind, Cultivate Mind: Buddhist Psychology”.

NEW: McGill Shuttle Bus Tracker website

If you ride the inter-campus shuttle bus, you've probably found yourself waiting at the stop and wondering when it will arrive -- especially in these frigid January temperatures.  Now you don't have to guess...

The McGill Shuttle Bus Tracker is a mobile-friendly website that uses Google Maps to show you the location of each bus along its route, and how fast it's moving.

Published: 23Jan2015

MS Office 365 ProPlus now available for faculty & staff

McGill faculty and staff members now have FREE access to Office 365 ProPlus, which includes the latest versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other Office apps.

The service allows you to install the Office suite on up to 5 personal devices*, including PCs, Macs, and 5 iPad and Windows tablets.

Published: 19Jan2015

Required Components of Course Outlines and the Regulations Governing Student Assessments

For information about the required components of course outlines, the regulations governing student assessments (including multiple-choice examinations and midterm and final examinations) and University examination regulations,  please see the following websites:

Required Components of Course Outlines

Published: 5Dec2014

Mercury Course Evaluations


Course Evaluations for Fall 2014

Default Period: Wednesday, November 12 to Sunday, December 21, 2014

Condensed Period: Wednesday, November 12 to Sunday, December 7, 2014 (click here to view units that are following the condensed period)

Click here to complete your course evaluations in Minerva

Published: 14Nov2014