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The Faculty of Religious Studies offers or contributes to six degrees—BABachelor of Theology, MDiv, STM, MA and PhD—and offers both graduate and undergraduate courses of study on most of the world's major religions. 

Undergraduate programs include BA specializations with Major Concentrations in World Religions, Scriptures and Interpretation, Philosophy and Western Religions as well as Honours in Religious Studies, Joint Honours, Minor Concentration in World Religions, Minor Concentration in Scriptural Languages. 

Graduate programs are available specializing in Buddhism, Church History, Bioethics and Comparative Religion, Hinduism, New Testament, Old Testament/ Hebrew Bible, Philosophy of Religion, and Theology. Graduate degree programs include STM, MA with thesis, MA without thesis, MA (Bioethics) and PhD.

Our approach

The Faculty’s expertise in world religions engages many methods and disciplines, combining the rigorous and historically focused study of religious traditions and contexts with approaches that explore contemporary expressions of religions. We incorporate perspectives from history, sociology, anthropology, philosophy, politics and literature, among others. We bring together the study of classical languages and texts with field research, archaeology, and ethnography in order to examine the rich diversity of religious traditions. We ask foundational questions of meaning and method such as “What is religion?” and “How are religious texts and practices to be interpreted?”

The Faculty’s holistic approach is marked by a deep appreciation for the immense richness of religious scholarship, the critical significance of religion in global society, and the diversity of contemporary religious expression worldwide. We are at the forefront of scholarship and critical debates on a wide range of subjects pertaining to the role of faith in public and private life, including interactions among the world’s religions. 

ATS accreditation

The Association of Theological Schools (ATS) in the United States and Canada is a membership organization of more than 250 graduate schools that conduct post-baccalaureate professional and academic degree programs to educate persons for the practice of ministry and for teaching and research in the theological disciplines. The ATS's mission is to promote the improvement and enhancement of theological schools to the benefit of communities of faith and the broader public.

The Faculty of Religious Studies has been accredited by the ATS since 1952. A comprehensive site visit took place in March 2012; on June 5, 2012 the Board of Commisioners voted to extend the term of accreditation through Fall 2012. The Board of Commissioners met in February 2013 and approved the accreditation of McGill University Faculty of Religious Studies until the Spring 2019.

The McGill Faculty of Religious Studies Accreditation by Association of Theological Schools