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Building stones and fossils of downtown Montreal

What Building Stones Tell: A Walking Tour Focussing on the Fossils, Rocks and Minerals of Montreal Buildings If you are interested in the geology of the building stones of downtown Montreal and the fossils they contain, the museum offers several resources. The most comprehensive and complete resource is the museum's publication What Building Stones Tell, which is available in two forms for FREE:

  • one is a web page that briefly covers the stones and fossils of downtown Montreal
  • the other is a downloadable pdf file that can be printed out and taken with you: Building Stones pamphlet .

Twenty fossil sites near Montreal

Download a list of twenty accessible fossil sites on the island on Montreal and do some fossil hunting! This list is also available as an online map.

Mont St-Hilaire

A small site about Mont St-Hilaire with information about its history, geology and the animals and plants that can be found on it.

Radio Canada

A six and a half minute video segment that covers what life was like in Montreal 450 million years ago and the fossil traces that it left in the stones used in Montreal's buildings. In French.

Ordovician life and fossils

An Adobe Acrobat presentation on the creatures that lived in the warm seas of the Ordovician that covered Montreal almost half a billion years ago and the fossils that they left: Ordovician life and fossils. The museum's Ordovician diorama page provides more information about this time period.


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