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Welcome to the website of the McGill Equity Subcommittee on Queer People!

Queer equity flag

We are a dynamic group of individuals from all colours of the rainbow — lesbian, gay, bi, trans*, two-spirit, and straight — committed to ensuring equity for queer people on campus. Our committee is composed of faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students, and members of Montreal's larger academic community. We have existed as an official subcommittee of the McGill Joint Senate-Board Committee on Equity since 2002, prior to which we were a "Task Force" on queer issues. We meet once a month to discuss new ways of providing equity and improving queer life on campus.


The McGill Equity Subcommittee on Queer People is a subcommittee of the McGill Joint Senate-Board Committee on Equity that addresses issues of representation, inclusion and support of lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans*, two-spirited, intersex, asexual, and queer students, staff and faculty at McGill with respect to academic and non-academic life on campus. We are one of five subcommittees; along with the subcommittees on Aboriginals, Disability, Race, and Women, we report directly to the Senate-Board Committee on Equity. Our mandate as an advisory body is to make recommendations to Senate for changes and improvements which need to be implemented on campus in order to ensure equity for all members of McGill's community.


Resources on Campus

For resources on campus, please visit the Social Equity and Diversity Education Office (SEDE). Resources for LGBTTQ community members can be found here.

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