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Seminar Series, Fall 2007
Raymond 4-047 Friday 11:30 am

Parsitology Symposium 2006

The Sixth Annual Quebec Parasitology Symposium was held this year in conjunction with the 74e Congrès de l’ACFAS, May 17-18, 2006 McGill University, Macdonald Campus

To access the symposium program click on the PDF document.

Quebec Annual Parasitology Symposium 2006


Research at the Institute of Parasitology

focuses on the interaction between host and parasitic disease organisms with a view to controlling infection by these organisms. Many different perspectives brought by the staff provide a unique opportunity to examine aspects of infection ranging from the cellular mechanisms which govern this process, the immune response of the host, immunosuppression mechanisms used by parasites to assist infection and the epidemiology of parasitic diseases.

There are currently 11 research labs at the Institute of Parasitology.


The Institute of Parasitology has a long history at the forefront of international parasitology research. Since its founding in 1934 many directors, faculty, students and support staff have passed through our doors. We would like to make contact with those who have a connection with the Institute. If you have spent time here, have any recollections of time here, or you have news of those who have, we would be interested in hearing from you.

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