Brief History of the Institute of Parasitology

The Institute of Parasitology has a long and distinguished history from when it first opened its doors in 1932, under the directorship of the renowned Canadian Parasito


Research at the Institute of Parasitology focuses on the interaction between host and parasitic disease organisms with a view to controlling infection by these organisms. Many different...

Parsitology Symposium 2006

The Sixth Annual Quebec Parasitology Symposium was held this year in conjunction with the 74e Congrès de l’ACFAS, May 17-18, 2006 McGill University, Macdonald Campus To access the...

Seminars 2007-2008

Seminar Series, Fall 2007 Raymond 4-047 Friday 11:30 am


The Institute of Parasitology has a long history at the forefront of international parasitology research. Since its founding in 1934 many directors, faculty, students and support staff have passed...