Identification of optimal predictors of surgical complications in elderly cancer patients

PREOP-McGill: A Pilot Study

Surgery is the best treatment for most malignancies of the abdominal organs. However, elderly patients (≥75 years of age) have other medical problems which makes them high-risk for surgery. It is important that surgeons can differentiate between those that will do well with surgery, and therefore not be denied the surgery, from those who may have unacceptably increased complications following surgery. The latter group could be offered an alternative treatment.


The aim of this pilot study is to develop a simple yet accurate assessment tool, Pre-operative Risk Estimation for Onco-geriatric Patients (PREOP-McGill), that will help surgeons to better predict the risk of surgical complications among elderly patients with gynecological, urological, or lower gastrointestinal cancer. The goal is that PREOP-McGill will be used prior to cancer surgery to predict mortality, morbidity, and length of hospital stay, to ensure that  surgery is the best treatment option.


Patients are assessed using a series of tests that are performed in a timely manner before and after surgery.

Principal Co-Investigators: Dr Lucy Gilbert (profile) and Dr Antonio VIgano
Co-Investigators: Dr Armen Aprikian, Dr Prosanto Chaudhury, Dr Alexander Liberman, Dr Wassim Kassouf, Dr T Vuong, Dr. Jose A Morais, Dr Robert Kilgour, Dr Simon Bacon

Funding; Canadian Institute for Health Research (CIHR)

Contact: Heather Watt (MNUPAL) tel: 514-934-1934 x 78716