Current projects

Learn more about some of the research underway in our department.

Division of Gynecologic-Oncology

DOVE - Detecting OVarian cancer Early more info 
PREOP-McGill: Predicting surgical complications in elderly cancer patients more info
Phase II and III trials for platinum-resistant ovarian cancer patients more info
Phase III trial & specimen repository for advanced endometrial cancer more info
Phase III trial for advanced ovarian cancer more info

Division of Maternal-Fetal Medicine

Estimation of fetal macrosomia among the James Bay Cree  more info
Evaluation of the performance of a non-invasive test for fetal RhD genotype  more info
Sleep apnea during pregnancy and gestational diabetes  more info
Perinatal mental health more info

Division of Obstetrics

The 3D study on perinatal factors and child development  more info
Periconceptional folic acid intake and folate status in a Quebec population  more info
Effect of maternal age on risk of stillbirth more info
Maternal education influence on elective C/S rate more info
Maternal marital status and the risk of stillbirth and infant death  more info

Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

The 3D study: Artificial Reproductive Technology cohort more info
Vitrification of human oocytes for IVM or IVF more info
Psychosocial issues related to assisted human reproduction  more info
Does thyroid function change during IVF cycles  more info
Controlled ovarian hyperstimulation in women  more info
Effect of BMI on IVM treatment in women with PCOS  more info
Endometrium in clomiphene and gonadtropin treatment  more info

Division of Reproductive Biology

Defining the role of FSH in oocyte development  more info
Translational control of stem-loop-binding protein in mRNA  more info
Effects of oviductal secretion on sperm function  more info
Chromosome mosaicism in preimplantation human embryo development more info
Gene expression in human oocytes and preimplantation embryos  more info
Fertility preservation with oocyte in vitro maturation and vitrification  more info
Genetics of hydatidiform moles and reproductive wastage more info
Use of male germ line stem cells for male fertility preservation  more info
Impact of wnt signaling on follistatin more info
Translational modulation in oocyte growth and maturation more info
Role of wnt signaling in ovarian cancer pathophysiology more info