Community Nursing

The theme of the final year of the undergraduate programs is Community Nursing. The following is a listing of the required courses:

Fall Semester

Winter Semester

Students have the option of taking either NUR1 431 or NUR 432 in the fall semester, but they must take the alternate course in the winter. For example, if you decide to take NUR1 432 in the fall, then you must take NUR1 431 in the winter, and vice versa.

As a U2 student, you will be receiving the NUR1 431/432 survey sometime in May. It is very important that you complete this survey, as it will provide the Clinical Placement Coordinator with the necessary information for your clinical placement.

The following links will provide you with a glimpse of what to expect in Community Nursing; creativity, high energy and lots of fun!

2015 Health Fair

2015 Community Health Nursing Projects