Research & Innovation

Dr. Céline Gélinas (second from left) and her research team.

At the Ingram School of Nursing, dedicated clinical and university-based faculty members are accomplished leaders in the fields of research, clinical practice and education. 

"The twenty-first century is a very exciting era for nursing research in Canada. The information age is revolutionizing the ways nurses teach, practice and conduct research. Current nursing research agendas are more dynamic, more responsive to social and health care delivery developments, and more accessible to other health researchers, research users, funding agencies and the public.

The explosion of information technology has enabled clinicians and researchers to readily transcend geographical distances so that they may work together to answer important nursing questions. In addition, an expanding critical mass of well-founded nurse researchers makes for a visible, productive and collaborative health-related research enterprise. The unprecedented availability of funding for nursing research originates from new and innovative partnerships among federal and provincial governments, professional nursing associations, and private industry."

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