Current research interests

At the Ingram School of Nursing, students have a unique opportunity to learn from experts in the field who are also involved in cutting-edge research. Faculty members are currently involved in the following areas of interest:

Dr. Antonia Arnaert

Telehealth technologies and whole person care

Dr. Franco Carnevale

Pediatric ethics; the experience of critically ill children and their families; childhood disability; qualitative methodology

Dr. Robin Cohen

Palliative and supportive care; cancer care/oncology; families as clients

Dr. Hélène Ezer

Impact of cancer on patients and families; interprofessional education and practice

Dr. Nancy Feeley

Neonatal intensive care; parent-infant interaction; perinatal women’s mental health

Dr. Nancy Frasure-Smith

Psychosocial aspects of cardiovascular disease (depression in particular); quantitative methodology

Dr. Anita Gagnon

Migration; women’s health; maternal-child health; public health

Dr. Céline Gélinas

Critical care nursing; pain assessment and measurement; pain management; qualitative methodology; palliative care

Dr. Sylvie Lambert

Impact of cancer on patients and their family caregivers; psychometric analysis using Rasch analysis; mixed research methodology (quantitative and qualitative)

Dr. Mélanie Lavoie-Tremblay

Health promotion; administration/management of nursing services; knowledge translation; action research; health care leadership/ health care policy

Dr. Carmen Loiselle

Psychosocial oncology and cancer care; young and middle-aged adults; mixed methodology; transitions in care; international health

Dr. Christine Maheu

Psychosocial oncology and cancer care; survivorship care, cancer and work, fear of cancer recurrence.

Dr. Margaret Purden

Interprofessional education; interprofessional practice; cardiovascular care; qualitative methodology; quantitative methodology

Dr. Sonia Semenic

Breastfeeding; implementation of evidence-informed practice in perinatal health; cultural diversities in perinatal health behaviours

Dr. Argerie Tsimicalis

Cancer care/oncology; infants/children; vulnerable/at risk populations; transitions in care; informatics/technologies in health care