Why choose the Ingram School of Nursing?

Our rich past and long line of distinguished alumni date back to our founding in 1920, and today our graduates can be found in nursing practice and leadership roles across the country and internationally. 

We offer a full range of undergraduate and graduate level nursing programs that draw on the strengths of one of the most respected research universities in the world.  Many of our programs offer the possibility of taking elective courses in our superb sister departments and faculties across the campus.  

McGill and Montreal are exceptional places to be a student in any field but are truly remarkable settings for becoming a clinician, advanced practitioner or researcher in nursing.  Montreal blends cultures, ethnicities and languages in a very unique way; it is a safe and liveable city with a fascinating history and an unmistakable energy.  

Our tight-knit community of McGill-affiliated health care facilities and agencies deliver world-class care and are committed to educating clinicians and leaders for Québec and beyond.  Last but not least, our faculty includes experienced clinicians and teachers as well as internationally renowned researchers and scholars who are all committed to providing individual attention and equipping you with a strong foundation in patient and family centered care that will help you make the most of your career in nursing.