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Bachelor of Nursing (Integrated) (BNI)

About the BNI

The five-year Integrated Nursing Program is a new opportunity for graduates of the 180.A0 DEC to complete a bachelor’s degree in two years. Developed in partnership with four anglophone CEGEPs (Dawson College, John Abbott College, Vanier College and Heritage College), the program builds on the college foundation and streamlines the university component.

Nursing, science and clinical courses at the Ingram School of Nursing prepare graduates to work in any setting and for graduate studies. The final year is entirely community focused.

Admission requirements

Admission from the Nursing DEC 180.A0

Applicants who have completed the Diplôme d'études collégiales (DEC) 180.A0 will be considered for admission to the University segment of the program. Admission will be based on the cote de rendement collégiale (cote r); overall cote r and cote r in prerequisite courses are considered.

Please see the Applying to McGill website for the undergraduate admission requirements.

Important dates

Deadlines for submission of applications:

Fall Admission (September)
CEGEP applicants March 1
Winter Admission  closed