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MUNACA, McGill sign 3-year collective agreement

On February 9, 2016, MUNACA and McGill signed a new collective agreement. Negotiations between the union and the university took just four short months – a real achievement in the complex world of labour negotiations – and the new contract will be in place until November 30, 2018.

“MUNACA’s members do tremendous work,” said Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal (Administration & Finance). “Many of their contributions are made behind the scenes, but the work they do is a big part of the University’s success – both inside and outside of the classroom.

Published: 10Feb2016

McGill: A Top Montreal Employer (8 Years Running)

High marks for Summer Fridays, tuition waivers, parental leave top-ups and much more.

For the eighth year in a row, McGill has been named one of Montreal’s Top Employers.

Published: 4Feb2016

Rolling whole grains into chewy business success

Businesses start in many ways, and Andrea Courey didn’t know that she was going to have a business of her own. In 1997, Andrea lost her job and was raising three children as a single mother. In the face of this adversity Andrea asked herself how she was going to provide for her family – what was she “good at and what did she know how to do?”

Published: 3Feb2016

Mac women chop down the competition at the 56th annual Macdonald College Woodsmen Competition


The sun was out, the saws were out and our Woodsmen teams performed fabulously over the weekend. Thanks to all on campus and the many alumni who helped make the 56th annual Woodsmen Competition a success.

Published: 26Jan2016

Antarctic permafrost may not be habitable for microbes – So is Mars?


"It doesn't mean there's no life on Mars, but what it does mean is it's going to be harder to find," said Jacqueline Goordial, the McGill University researcher who led the study, in an interview with Rachelle Solomon on CBC's Breakaway.

Published: 25Jan2016

Nearing the limits of life on Earth

Failure to find active microbes in coldest Antarctic soils has implications for search for life on Mars

Natural Resource Sciences professor Lyle Whyte and postdoctoral fellow Jackie Goordial talk about their research which suggests that it is unlikely that it is unlikely that there is any microbial life to be found on Mars.

Published: 19Jan2016

Disbursement: Former Long-Term Disability Trust

The Trustees of a former Long Term Disability Plan for McGill employees are in the process of winding up the trust. There is a small surplus in the trust which will be distributed to eligible recipients.

Published: 19Jan2016

A New Geological Epoch, The Anthropocene


Scientists say it's time to declare a new geological epoch, one defined by human activity and the permanent mark it has left on the earth.

McGill Professor Peter Brown, director of Economics for the Anthropocene, is featured on CBC Radio News.


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Published: 11Jan2016

Pay Equity Commission Decision

The attached document outlines a decision by Quebec's Pay Equity Commission regarding McGill's legal obligations.

Published: 4Jan2016