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Electron Paramagnetic Resonance (EPR)
Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) spectrometer
Otto Maass SS1 47,
Department of Chemistry

DMYTRO [dot] PEREPICHKA [at] MCGILL [dot] CA (Dmytro Perepichka, PhD)
Department of Chemistry, McGill University
Otto Maass Bldg. Rm. 322
801 Sherbrooke St.


The McGill Nanotools Microfab laboratory is a fee-based open access facility. We welcome all research and development initiatives related to nano and microfabrication. Our services and competencies range from basic fabrication services to multistep processes.

MIAM Microfabrication and Characterization Facility

The MIAM Microfabrication and Characterization Facility comprises of major tools for the development of both chemical and biological functionalization processes, and the investigation of quantum engineering, the interactions of light with micro and nano structures and the mechanical behavior of multi-functional micro and nano structures. With these tools, MIAM aims to help address some of the most pressing problems in materials science and engineering at the nanoscale, such as: