Annual Report 2002-2003


For McGill University and the James McGill Society, 2002/2003 has been a milestone year. January 1st saw Dr. Bernard Shapiro complete his term as Principal, to be succeeded by Dr. Heather Monroe-Blum as McGill's first woman Principal.

In anticipation of her induction, the new Principal agreed to become the Society's Patron. The first meeting she attended was Dr. Stanley Frost's 90th birthday celebrations on February 17.

Proposed Meetings for 2003-2004

The schedule of meetings for 2003/2004 is still being planned, but includes the following:

  • Monday, September 29, 2003.

    Professor David Covo's Presidential Address: "Expanding the Horizon: Five New Buildings at McGill." MacDonald-Harrington Building, Room G-10.

  • Monday, November 10, 2003.

    Mr. Lawrence Deck on a Rutherford Centenary.

  • February, 2004

    To be Announced

  • April, 2004

    To be Announced

Review of 2002-2003 Meetings

The meetings held in 2002/2003 were well attended and well received:

  • 118th Meeting, Monday, October 7, 2002.

    Macdonald-Harrington Building, Room G-10, "Biochemistry at McGill: Endocrinology to Molecular Biology," by Dr. Rose Johnstone.

  • 119th Meeting, Monday, December 2, 2002.

    Macdonald-Harrington Building, Room G-10, "Respectable Burial: the Mount Royal Cemetery" by Professor Brian Young

  • 120th Meeting, Monday, February 17, 2003.

    McGill Faculty Club, "McGill as I Have Known Her," by Dr. Stanley Frost.

  • 121st Meeting, Monday, April 28, 2003.

    McGill Faculty Club, "A Third Beginning at McGill," by Dr. Bernard Shapiro.

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Members will be pleased to hear that Volume XI, 2003, of Fontanus: from the Collections of McGill University has just appeared. The editors - John Hobbins, David McKnight, and Lonnie Weatherby - are to be congratulated for bringing the volume to fruition. Several articles are based upon presentations made before the Society. Copies may be obtained from the Office of the Director of Libraries, McLennan Library.

A number of individuals associated with the Society, as speakers or subjects, passed away this year, among whom are David Bourke, Margaret Bickley Farmer, Alec Lucas, James Mallory, and Richard Pennington. We extend our sympathies and condolences to their families, friends, and colleagues.

On behalf of the membership, I would like to thank Professor David Covo for his effective leadership as President over the past two years. At the meeting of September 29, the Executive Committee will nominate Ms. Johanne Pelletier, Director and University Archivist, as the next President. Ms. Pelletier has been a member of the Society since assuming her position in 1997 and is greatly interested in McGill's history.

At the September meeting, the Executive Committee will also bring forward a motion raising the annual membership fees from $15.00 to $20.00. Rising prices and falling interest rates have prompted this motion. Fees were last raised in the 1980s.

On behalf of the membership I would also like to thank the Executive Committee for its support and advice. Dr. Stanley Frost, Honorary President, and Susan Button, membership chair and Treasurer, deserve special thanks.

As I embark upon the research and writing of volume III, 1970-2002, of McGill University: for the Advancement of Learning, I would like to express my appreciation for the support I have received from the James McGill Society over the years. As Director of the History of McGill Project, my involvement with the Society will no doubt intensify as the volume progresses.

Respectfully submitted,

Peter F. McNally, Executive Director