Major Concentration (36 credits)


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In order to permit students flexibility within their chosen area or theme, all courses in the Jewish Studies Concentrations are placed into the category "Complementary Courses".

Note: Major and Honours Students are encouraged to acquire a general background in Jewish Studies, fluency in at least one Jewish language, and expertise in one aspect of the field. While many areas of specialization exist, the groupings which follow the course descriptions represent Departmental strengths and are usually chosen by students.

Complementary Courses (36 credits in Jewish Studies)

24 credits are normally taken at the 300-level or above.

6 credits (minimum) in the history of Jewish Civilization to be chosen from :

JWST 211 Jewish St 1: Biblical Period (3)
JWST 216 Jewish Studies 2: 400 BCE-1000 (3)
HIST 207 Jewish History:400 BCE to 1000 (3)
JWST 217 Jewish St 3: 1000 to 2000 (3)
HIST 219 Jewish History: 1000-2000 (3)

24 credits in Jewish Studies of which at least 12 are devoted to a single area of study. (See the list of courses divided by Areas of Study.)

Students without the background necessary to complete the advanced language requirement may substitute up to 12 credits in language.

6 credits reflecting an advanced level of competence in either Hebrew or Yiddish chosen from the following:

JWST 327 A Book of the Bible (3)
JWST 328 A Book of the Bible (3)
JWST 329 A Book of the Bible (3)
JWST 330 A Book of the Bible (3);
JWST 331 course description not available (3)
JWST 332 course description not available (3)
JWST 333 The Hebrew Liturgy (3)
JWST 340D1 Advanced Hebrew (3)
JWST 340D2 Advanced Hebrew (3);
JWST 367 Hebrew Lang&Israeli Culture 1 (3)
JWST 368 Hebrew Lang&Israeli Culture 2 (3)
JWST 369 Hebrew Lang&Israeli Culture 3 (3)
JWST 370 Hebrew Lang&Israeli Culture 4 (3)
or any course at the 400 level (except JWST 404 and JWST 405).

To provide students with information about programs, relevant electives or other concerns consultation with an adviser is recommended.