Bracha Shauli, Course Lecturer

Area of Interest:

Hebrew Language


B.Ed. CA. O. (A.D. Gordon College)

Highlights of Qualifications:

• Over 20 years successful experience as a language teacher
• Awarded Best Teacher of the Year in 2000, 1998, 1994 and 1993
• Established excellent relations with both young and adult students
• Developed innovative methodology for teaching language


In Language and Culture:
• Teacher’s Certificate in Hebrew Grammar and Literature, A. D. Gordon College for Teachers, Haifa, Israel
• First Certificate in the Teaching of English as a Foreign Language, Institute of Anglomexican Cutlure, Mexico
• Courses in Education and Sociology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
• Proficiency Dinloma in English, Institute of Anglomexican Cutlure, Mexico

Teaching Experience

• 1994-2002. English and American Literature, Levels I, II and III. Department of Literature and Philosophy. Universidad Autonoma de Puebla
• 1996-1998. Cultural Studies. Universidad Madero
• 1995-1998. English and American Literature. Universidad Madero
• 1995-1998. Culture of Nations. Universidad Autonoma-de Puebla
• 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999. Spanish to English Speakers. Center for Foreign Languages. Universidad Autonoma de Puebla
• 1992-1995. Advanced English. Centro Educativo de Superación Integral, A. C.
• 1984-1994. English I, II, III. English Department. Escuela Comercial Inglesa
• 1984-1987. Orientation in Human Relations and Sociology. Colegio Frances
• 1964-1968. History of Israel and Bible. Bialik Elementary School. Haifa, Israel
• 1958-1960. Hebrew to New Immigarnts. Israeli Defense Forces
• 1975-1995. Bar and Bat Mitzva Preparations. Puebla, Mexico (Private lessons)

Conference Presentations in Didactic Workshops

• "Wordless Storytelling." Universidad Autonoma de Puebla. Foreign language school. 1996
• “The Hebrew Alphabet.” Workshop for Teachers of English as a Second Language. 1995
• “Thinking Skills and Vocabulary.” Workshop for Teachers of ESL. 1994
• “Salt and Pepper in the Classroom.” Workshop for Teachers of ESL; 1993
• “Correlation between Calm of Mind and the Efficiency of Learning.” Workshop for ESL. 1992

Professional Experience:

• Hebrew Lecturer at the Department of Jewish Studies, McGill University 2004 to present
• Professor of English as a Second Language, Universidad Autónorna de Puebla, Mexico 1994-2003
• Professor of Cultural Studies, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico 1995-2002
• Professor of Spanish as a Second Language, Universidad Autónoma de Puebla, Mexico 1996-1999
• Instructor in Painting and Sculpture, Educational Center, Mexico 1992-1999

Materials prepared for use in the classroom:

Hang on One’s World: Short stories, anecdotes and exercises for teaching English composition
Ideas and Feelings: Selected poems most loved by students of Madero University and Puebla University
This Wide World and Open Eyes to This Wide World
Pictures Tell Stories: Method for teaching Hebrew

Presentations for Teachers of Language, Literature, Arts and Culture:

Wordless Storytelling; Thinking Skills and Vocabulary; Salt and Pepper in the Classroom; Correlation between Calm of Mind and the Efficiency of Learning; Hebrew Alphabet; Creation of the State of Israel; Israel after the Peace Treaty; Baruch Spinoza: Ethics, Language, and Culture; Identity, Language, and Culture in the Novels of - SephardicMexicanZAuthor Rosa Nissan; Analysis of JUded-Spanish in Rosa Nissan’s Novels; Sholom Aleichem’s Words on Marc Chagall’s Canvas; Rembrandt; Van Gogh: Life and Art

Seminars and Courses Taken:

Methods for Teaching in the New Millennium; Designing the English Language Test; Dances with Thorns: New Literature in English; Formation of Academic Tutors; Workshops on Didactics; Quality Leadership; Providing a Balanced Language Program; Direction and Advising of Theses; Art, Literature and Criticism in Mexico and Latin America; Didactic Philosophy; New Ideas, Old Beliefs; Teaching English as a Foreign Language; etc.

Awards and Honours:

• Award for Most Dedicated Teacher with Most Initiative: Mexican Friends ot the Hebrew University, 1998
• Recognition for Dedication and Accessibility, English Commerce School, Mexico, 1994
• Best Teacher of the Year 1993-1994, English Commerce School, Mexico, 1989
• Recognition, Rotary Club of Puebla, 1997
• Responsible Assistance to Students, English Commerce School, Mexico, 1987
• Homage Plaque, Jewish Community of Puebla, 1973

Other Experience:

• Organized Jewish cultural activities and holiday celebrations in Israel, USA and Mexico
• Participated as jury member for various theatrical, painting and poetry competitions
• Organized a symposium on Mexican Women Writers
• Exhibited paintings in art shows in Canada and Mexico
• Developed curriculum and teaching materials through a carefully planned combination of lectures, seminar
• Prepared, administered and marked tests and essays to evaluate students’ progress; provided individualized tutorial and remedial instructions; constantly upgraded knowledge and skills; participated in and presented lectures, seminars, and courses for the professional development of teachers of language and culture.

Art Exhibits

* Collective Exhibit,Isaeij Gallery, Centro dep. Mexico City
* Oil and Water colors. Celia Cherter Hall. Puebla, MexicO
* Retrospective. Private Showing (2) Puebla, Jalapa, Mexico
* Belle Arts, Group Exhibit, Montreal, Canada -
* Oil Paintings, Hajfa, Israel