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Inauguration of the world's most sophisticated electronic classroom

Researchers have developed a control system for classrooms that responds to instructor activity and automates control of the room's technological tools.

Published: 5 Nov 1999

Leading the world of audio into the 21st century

First real-time multichannel audio Internet demo uses software developed at McGill by members of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) Technical Committee on Network Audio Systems. NYU dancers will perform to live music by the McGill Swing Band acquired as a 5-channel audio signal and streamed across a high-performance network.

Published: 24 Sep 1999

New web-based library system

McGill University and Ex Libris (USA) Inc. announce a new library system that will enable users to access the Libraries' online catalogue and collections, as well as worldwide resources, through a web-based interface.

Published: 8 Jun 1999

Canadian National-Pratt-Grinstad Chair in Information Studies

The McGill Graduate School of Library and Information Studies' Dr Andrew Large has been appointed to the newly created Canadian National-Pratt-Grinstad Chair in Information Studies.

Published: 30 Apr 1999

Online archives of Moshe Safdie

Minister of Industry John Manley attends the launch of a web site created at McGill University featuring over 2000 images from the archives of renowned architect Moshe Safdie.

Published: 5 Mar 1999

McGill welcomes TechnoVision report

Montreal TechnoVision issued a report describing the debilitating effects on the Quebec economy of the lack of trained professionals in key information technology fields.

Published: 2 Feb 1999

Innovation and ingenuity on McGill's web system

McGill University Relations Office launches its second online treasure hunt.

Published: 4 May 1998

McGill students raise $1.2 million to improve libraries on campus

The Library Improvement Fund set up by the Students' Society of McGill University has raised over a million dollars to improve the quality of on-campus libraries.

Published: 7 Apr 1998

Universities join forces again to improve services

McGill University and Concordia University unite to purchase revolutionary administrative computer systems.

Published: 12 Mar 1998

Appointment of new Vice-Principal of Information Systems and Technology

Professor Bruce Pennycook is appointed as new vice-principal in charge of information systems and technology.

Published: 25 Nov 1997

The Nahum Gelber Law Library

McGill law graduate, Me Nahum Gelber, is invited to turn the sod to mark the beginning of construction of the new Nahum Gelber Law Library.

Published: 3 Sep 1997

URO central: http://www.mcgill.ca/uro

McGill University Relations Office launches its new web service.

Published: 10 Feb 1997

Working together

Concordia and McGill universities have set up the Bilateral Working Group on Collaboration to explore different ways in which the universities may collaborate to improve services.

Published: 27 Jan 1997

Hummingbird acquires TN3270 software from McGill University

Hummingbird acquires from McGill University all rights to TN3270 terminal emulation software and all associated intellectual property.

Published: 13 Jan 1997