Organizational chart

Organizational chart

Organizational chart: Names

CIDA Project Manager: Jacynthe Rivard
Principal Investigator: Philip Buckley
McGill Project Director: Lina Kalfayan
Ministry of Religious Affairs (MORA) Project Director: Abdurrahman Mas'ud
CPIC (Central Project Implementing Committee): Affandi Mochtar
PIC (Project Implementing Committee) Jakarta: Kusmana
PIC Yogyakarta: Marwiyah

Project Steering Committee Members:

  1. Director General for Islamic Institution Development, MORA: Jajah Umar
  2. Secretary General, MORA: Faisal Ismail
  3. CIDA Manager and/or designate (Head of AID, Canadian Embassy or Professional Resource Officer): Renaldy Martin
  4. Director of Islamic Higher Education Development: Abdurrahman Mas'ud
  5. Chair, McGill Project Advisory Board: John Galaty
  6. Rector, UIN Jakarta: Azyumardi Azra
  7. Rector, IAIN Yogyakarta: Amin Abdullah
  8. Representative from Ministry of Finance
  9. Representative from BAPPENAS
  10. Representative of SEKAB (Cabinet Secretary
  11. Representative from DEPLU (Department of Foreign Affairs)

Management Committee Members:

  • Chair: Lina Kalfayan
  • Dean, Faculty of Arts: Uli Locher
  • School of Library and Information Studies: Jamshid Beheshti
  • School of Social Work: Estelle Hopmeyer
  • Faculty of Education: Steve Jordan

Advisory Board

  • Chair: John Galaty
  • Members: TBD