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Mac users: Trend Micro Antivirus license expires at end of December

If you have Trend Antivirus for Mac, you may have noticed a message saying the "Trial Expires" on December 31, 2015. IT Services is working with the vendor to extend the current license, so that it doesn't expire.

In the event that they cannot extend the current license, a new serial number and instructions on how to update it will be provided in the IT Knowledge Base. Please check this article in the coming weeks to find out if the new serial number is required.

Published: 8Dec2015

Antivirus Software: new versions available for Windows & Mac

The latest versions of McGill-provided FREE antivirus software, Trend Micro Internet Security 10 for Windows & Antivirus for Mac 2016 are now available.

If your personal computer/laptop isn’t already protected by antivirus software (or you’re using an older version), we urge you to install one of the new versions without delay!

All McGill University full-time faculty, staff, and students can download and install Trend Micro antivirus software for use on their personal computers.

Published: 20Aug2015