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Michael Fronda

Associate Professor
Degree(s) and Education: 

PhD (Ohio State University, 2003)

Leacock, Rm 826
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(Fall 2013 on Leave of absence)
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Leacock, Rm 826
Department of History 855 Sherbrooke West
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2T7

514-398-4400 ext.094246
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michael [dot] fronda [at] mcgill [dot] ca
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Areas of Specialization:
Research: Roman Republic
Teaching:Early Roman Empire, Latin Literature of the Republic, Late Antiquity, and Classical Greece

I received my BA in Classics and History from Cornell University, and my MA and PhD (2003) in Ancient History from the Ohio State University. My area of research is the Roman Republic, especially the topics of Roman expansion, interstate relations, and acculturation and accommodation in Roman Italy. My first book, Between Rome and Hannibal: Southern Italy during the Second Punic War (Cambridge University Press, 2010), argues how local political, economic and diplomatic factors shaped the various responses of Italian communities to the larger war between and Hannibal that they found themselves caught up in. My current research project, Performances of Power in Roman Italy, explores how Roman hegemony over the Italian states became normalized, transforming Italy from an area of conquest into a larger, unified Roman state. The project has received funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities research Council and the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation.

My teaching interests cover the full range of Greek and Roman history, including the Later Roman period, as well as Latin Literature of the Late Republic. I am a member of the Classical Studies faculty.

Graduate Supervision: 

Roman history



Fronda, Michael. P. 2010. Between Rome and Carthage: Southern Italy in the Second Punic War. Cambridge University Press. 404 pp.

Articles and Book Chapters

Fronda, Michael P. 2011. "Polybius 3.40, the foundation of Placentia, and the Roman calendar (218-217 BC)," Historia 60: 425-457.

Fronda, Michael P. 2011. "Hannibal: Tactics, Strategy and Geostrategy," in Dexter Hoyos (ed.), A Companion to the Punic Wars(Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell), 242-259.

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Fronda, Michael P. 2006. "Livy 9.20 and Early Roman Imperialism in Apulia," Historia 55: 397-417.