Elsbeth Heaman

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Department of History 855, rue Sherbrooke O
Montreal, Quebec
H3A 2T7

514-398-4400 ext.094892
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elsbeth.heaman [at] mcgill.ca
Ferrier, Rm 490

BA, MA (McGill University)
PhD (University of Toronto)

Specialization by time period: 
1800 - 1900
Specialization by geographical area: 
North America
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Mondays 1:00pm - 3:00pm


Elsbeth Heaman works broadly on topics of social, political, and medical history. Recent and forthcoming books are A Short History of the State in Canada (UTP 2015) and Tax, Order, and Good Government: A New Political History, 1867-1917 (MQUP 2017). Both books write state formation, political economy, and social history more squarely into classic Canadian political history. TOGG explores tensions around the government of wealth and poverty from Confederation to the wartime income tax of 1917. Successive chapters explore the politics of fairness in successive debates around the meaning of region (in Nova Scotia), race (in British Columbia), poverty (in Montreal), wealth (in Toronto), land ownership (coast to coast), and the federal construction of citizenship more broadly. The book analyzes an episode of liberal, plutocratic rule, from its deep, constitutional causes in 1867 to its bitterly polarizing consequences in 1917. She is beginning new work on consent and civilization. 

Graduate supervision: 

Canadian history, modern medical history.

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