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Cost of attendance

 Students stream out of the Leacock Building at the end of a long day.


Learn more about tuition rates and fees

The cost of tuition and fees at McGill vary by program and are subject to change. For a breakdown of typical tuition rates and fees, based on intended degree and residency status, check out the Graduate Tuition and Fees table on the Student Accounts website. For general information on costs, living expenses, and tools for you, visit the Scholarship and Student Aid website.

Tuition at McGill is very affordable

Quebec universities have the lowest tuition fees in Canada, and the cost of living in Montreal is quite low. These factors make McGill a wise educational investment. For information on the cost of housing both on and off campus, visit the Residences and Student Housing website. 

Get help managing your money

Wondering how much money will you need to cover a full year at school? For tips on better money management and improved budgeting strategies, check out the Budget Counselling page.

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