Research Team

University of the West Indies (St. Augustine Campus TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO)

Faculty of Food and Agriculture

Neela BADRIE. Professor, Department of Food Production. Value-added products; food safety and quality.
Richard BRATHWAITE. Professor Emeritus, Department of Food Production. Agronomy;  protected agriculture.
Isabella FRANCIS-GRANDERSON. Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension.  Registered Dietitian.
Wendy Ann P. ISAAC, Lecturer, Department of Food Production, crop Science and Production.
Carlisle PEMBERTON. Senior Lecturer, Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension. Socio-economic impact and market evaluation.

The Royal Institution for the Advancement of Learning / McGill University (CANADA)

Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences

Inteaz ALLI. Professor, Department of Food Science and Agricultural Chemistry. Food safety and quality.
Sylvia BORUCKIProject Manager and Research Associate, Department of Animal Science. Ruminant nutrition, forage management and agricultural systems.
Katherine GRAY-DONALD. Associate Professor, School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition. Nutrition and epidemiology.
Gordon HICKEY. Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Resources. Natural Resource Sciences. Management and policies.
Kristine KOSKI. Associate Professor and Director. School of Dietetics and Human Nutrition. Maternal and child nutrition; malnutrition and immunity.
Chandra MADRAMOOTOO. James McGill Professorand Dean. Water and irrigation management.
Michael NGADI. Associate Professor, Department of Bioresources Engineering. Post-harvest technology.
Leroy PHILLIP. Associate Professor and Associate Director McGill Nutrition and Food Science Centre; Department of Animal Science. Ruminant nutrition and forage conservation.

Faculty of Arts 

Jim ENGLE-WARNICK. Associate Professor, Department of Economics. Experimental and Behavioral Economics.
Sonia LASZLO. Associate Professor, Department of Economics.  Economic Development, Health Economics and Labor Economics.


Dr. Ishara Mahat. Specialist in Gender Affairs.