Email, IT and Computer Resources

Your McGill Student Email Account

Following registration, each McGill student is assigned an official McGill email address, normally a variation of:

firstname [dot] lastname [at] mail [dot] mcgill [dot] ca

This email account is one of the official means of communication between McGill and its students. It is important that you check your McGill email account regularly and act upon official McGill email in a timely fashion. Please see McGill’s student email policy for complete details.

Accessing Your McGill Email Account

You can access your McGill email using myMcGill or login directly at For more information and other ways to access your McGill email account, please see IT Services or click here


Your IT Resources

The myMcGill web portal is your central online access point, where you will go to:

  • read your email
  • check course material and announcements using myCourses
  • view and update your student record and account information with direct links to Minerva
  • search the McGill Library catalogue

Follow the myMcGill link under Quick Links found on McGill webpages and sign in.

Courses is McGill’s online teaching and learning system. Many of your courses will have online materials such as the course syllabus, project guidelines, calendars, or activities such as assignments and readings, discussion forums, etc.
To access your online course content:

  1. Sign into myMcGill using your McGill username and password.
  2. Click the myCourses icon at the top of the page.

(Note that before using myCourses for the first time, you should perform a system check to verify that your browser and system setup is compatible with the current version. See the McGill IT Knowledge Base for details.)

More information on myCourses is available in the McGill IT Knowledge Base.

McGill Wireless
Access the Internet using your laptop or other mobile device from virtually anywhere on campus through the McGill Wireless Network.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)
You need to establish a VPN connection to access McGill-restricted sites and resources (e.g., Library databases) if you connect to the Internet from outside the McGill network.
Visit the McGill IT site
for more information about all of your information technology needs.

Your Computing Resources

Continuing Studies students have a variety of computing resources available to them at the School and other McGill campus locations.

Computer Labs
The School has 7 computer labs on the 12th floor of the 688 Sherbrooke St. building. Free access to these labs is available weekdays between 12:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. A valid McGill ID card is required.
The McGill Association of Continuing Education Students (MACES) also has a computer lab at its location on Peel Street.
Other computer labs are available on campus in individual faculties and at the Library. Click here to find a computer at a Library.

This attractive study facility in the Redpath Library Building is equipped with 125 public computers providing access to all of the Library’s e-resources.

McGill Computer Store
The McGill Computer Store (MCS) is located on the second floor of the McGill Bookstore. It supplies computer equipment and software to McGill staff and students. As an educational reseller, the MCS offers a variety of software and hardware products at special discount prices.