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Selected publications

  1. Andermann A. Evidence for Health: From Patient Choice to Global Policy. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013. http://www.cambridge.org/us/academic/subjects/medicine/medicine-general-...
  2. Andermann A. Addressing the social causes of poor health is integral to practicing good medicine. CMAJ 2011; 183(18): 2196. (Link to PDF)
  3. Santana V, Itaparica M. Social contextual factors contributing to child and adolescent labor: an ecological analysis. Rev Saude Publica 2011; 45(4): 676-85. (Link to PDF)
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  6. Andermann A. Breaking away from the disease-focused paradigm. The Lancet 2010; 376(9758): 2073-4. (Link to PDF)

Selected presentations

  1. Iriart J, Cordeiro M, Santana V, Costa Santos M, Andermann A on behalf of the CLEAR collaboration. Sentidos do trabalho infantile nos discursos e practicas dos profissionais de saude da atencao basica [Perceptions of child labour in the discourse and practice of primary health care workers]. 10o Congresso Brasileirode Saúde Coletiva. Porto Allegre, Brazil: November 2012. (Link to PDF)
  2. Andermann A. Addressing the social causes of poor health: Developing a health equity guide for frontline health workers. Research Rounds Presentation. St Mary’s Research Centre, Montreal, Canada: March 2012. (Link to PDF)
  3. Andermann A, Iriart J, Santana V on behalf of the CLEAR collaboration. Child labour as an entry point to reducing intergenerational health inequities: Case studies from Brazil. Global Health Conference: Advancing Health Equity in the 21st Century. Montreal, Canada: November 2011. (Link to PDF)
  4. Deschner M, Santana V, Iriart J, Andermann A, Rees T. Articulating the Social: Collective Health and the Vision of Brazilian Sanitary Reform. Arts Student Internship Forum, McGill University, Montreal, Canada: October 2011. (Link to PDF)
  5. Andermann A, Iriart J, Santana V. Child labour in the favelas of Northern Brasil: Primary health care as a lever to promote health equity. Family Medicine Research Seminar Series, McGill University, Montreal, Canada: February 2011. (Link to PDF)