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RESOLVED: Problem with anti-spam system causing delays in email

Update - Wednesday, Sept. 28. 2016: The problem described below was resolved of 10:15 today. Email delivery is back to normal. Original announcement: There is currently a problem with McGill’s anti-spam system, which is causing delays in processing incoming messages from outside McGill.

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Published on : 27 Sep 2016

Evault archives moving to in-place archive mail folder in Outlook

McGill IT Services is preparing to decommission the EVault email archiving service, used by active and retired faculty and staff, by March 31, 2016. Between December 20 and the end of March, archived mail messages will be moved from EVault to an “in-place” archive folder structure, which is accessible from Outlook 2010/2013/2016 on Windows and Outlook 2016. The archive folder, and subfolder structure, will also be available from the Outlook Web App (OWA), so you can access archived messages on the web if you don’t have one of these Outlook client applications.

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Published on : 17 Dec 2015

New warning notices when emails cannot be scanned by McGill's Antispam system

Beginning on December 12, 2013, McGill's Anti-spam system will prepend a notice to warn you when an email cannot be scanned; this is in addition to changing the Subject of the email, which is the current practice. The prepended notice will also contain a brief description of why the email could not be scanned. There are a few reasons why email messages cannot be scanned by the Antispam system, including if the email: is encrypted and password-protected or it contains an attachment that is password-protected. contains an attachment th

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Published on : 11 Dec 2013

McGill email: .zip attachments containing .exe files will be quarantined

Due to the continued threat of Cryptolocker and other similar malware infecting computers on campus, all email messages containing .zip attachments with an executable (.exe) file will be flagged as spam and quarantined by the Anti-Spam Service. Emails that are quarantined are not delivered to your Inbox.

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Published on : 11 Oct 2013

McGill email on your new-generation BlackBerry device

The new-generation BlackBerry device (Z10 and others) can retrieve your McGill email by synchronizing using ActiveSync. Please see the related link for more information.

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Published on : 25 Mar 2013

Quota applied to number of email items sent

To limit the damage done to the reputation of the mailbox owner and McGill by accounts that have been compromised, IT Services is now applying a quota on the number of email items sent within a 24 hour period. Each recipient listed in the To, Cc or Bcc fields is counted as a separate item, whereas an email sent to a group or LISTSERV is only counted as one item. If you need to have the quota increased, contact ICS Service Desk.

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Published on : 04 Mar 2013