UK national newspaper The Guardian today published a list of their favourite blogs and social media accounts for academics. To no one's surprise Dr. Nathan Hall, of our Department of Educational and Counselling Psychology, topped the list with his popular @AcademicsSay twitter handle, where he has amassed over 180,000 followers. 

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Published on: 24 Mar 2016

Richard Lynn Studham, professor emeritus in our Department of Integrated Studies in Education, spoke to North East United Kingdom's Chronicle reporter David Whetstone this week regarding his ongoing exhibition A Paragon of Chivalry.

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Published on: 27 Aug 2015

You have heard about the “seismic”, “shocking” and “bombshell” results from last month’s vote in Europe for the EU parliament. Many traditional, centrist parties lost ground and in France and in the UK, anti-EU parties (the Front National and UKIP respectively) received the most votes (around 25% in each case).

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Published on: 18 Jun 2014