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Big picture is better: The social implications of construal level for advice taking

Publications: Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes Authors: Jean-Nicolas Reyt, Batia M. Wiesenfeld, Yaacov Trope.  Abstract:

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Published on : 10 Jun 2016

The Erosion of Expert Control Through Censure Episodes

Author: Huising, Ruthanne Publication: Organization Science, November 2014  Abstract: 

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Published on : 17 Dec 2014

"Exploring Digital Creativity in the Workspace: The Role of Enterprise Mobile Applications on Perceived Job Performance and Creativity," Computers in Human Behavior

Authors: Chung, Sunghun; Lee, Kyungyoung; Choi, Jinho Publication: Computers in Human Behavior, 2014 Abstract: 

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Published on : 01 May 2014

Mattel to Buy Mega Bloks

Mattel has made a friendly takeover offer for Montreal-based toy maker Mega Brands Inc., which has the world’s No. 2 line of construction sets after Lego. Desautels Executive in Residence Melissa Sonberg comments on the takeover.   Watch full interview: Global Montreal, February 28, 2014 

Published on : 28 Feb 2014

Cross-border Business Teams and the Entertainment Arena

More and more companies are abandoning traditional organisational structures and creating cross-border teams of people who live and work thousands of miles apart. But there’s a catch. Nancy J Adler, the S Bronfman Chair in Management at McGill University in Montreal, puts it like this: “Interconnectedness through modern technology has deluded many people. There is the false assumption that just because we can reach anyone in the world so easily through e-mail or Skype, we are therefore all the same.”

Published on : 29 Jan 2014

"Unmasking the Conflicting Trends in Job Tenure by Gender in the United States, 1983-2010," American Sociological Review.

Authors: Hollister, Matissa N.; Kristin E. Smith Publication: American Sociological Review (Forthcoming) Abstract:

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Published on : 03 Dec 2013

Success Is What You Make It

What is success and how do you measure it? The experiences of a diversegroup of workers show how – and how much – they managed to balance career success with family responsibilities. Those who managed to strike the balance defined success on their own terms, had a strong sense of self and wereprepared to make trade-offs.

Published on : 20 Nov 2013

"Effects of Social and Temporal Distance on Evaluation of Corporate Ambivalent Behavior," Social Behavior and Personality

Authors: Chung, Sunghun; Park, Jooyoung Publication: Social Behavior and Personality, 2013 Abstract:

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Published on : 06 Sep 2013

"Constructing Consequences for Noncompliance: The Case of Academic Laboratories," Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

Authors: Huising, Ruthanne; Silbey, Susan S. Publication: Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, September 2013 Abstract:

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Published on : 15 Aug 2013

"Reinventing Retirement: New Pathways, New Arrangements, New Meanings," Human Relations

Authors: Sargent, Leisa; Lee, Mary Dean; Martin, Bill; Zikic, Jelena Publication: Human Relations, January 2013 Abstract:

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Published on : 16 May 2013