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Are your healthcare IT customers concerned about the cost of a new EHR (electronic health records) system? Make sure you let them know they’ll probably get their money back in less than a year.


Discussing The Client Investment

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Published on: 23 Oct 2014

This is Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, Talking Management for The Globe and Mail. Today, I am delighted to speak to Tarun Khanna from the Harvard Business School.

What do you think is important for a [business] person going to an emerging country? How do we know we have someone who will do well there?

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Published on: 23 Oct 2014

Dr Ghada Selim, MD, Lecturer of Cardiology, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt; Founding Director of cardiac rehabilitation unit, Ain Shams University, International Masters of Health Leadership participant, McGill University, Canada.

Ghada Selim, Class 5 participant, establishes first comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation center in Egypt.

Read full article: European Society of Cardiology, October, 2014

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Published on: 23 Oct 2014

From using smart machines and big data to adopting cross-cultural management and understanding diversity, there are many ways to lead with a global mentality. Changeboard asks four leading academics for their insights.

Question one

Do you believe there is a mismatch between the skills that people possess and the skills needed for future business success? If so, how can this be addressed?

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Published on: 18 Oct 2014

AndeanGold Ltd. ("the Company" or "AndeanGold") (TSX VENTURE: AAU)(LMA: AAU) is pleased to announce that Messrs. Diego Angulo and Alexander Pena have been appointed to AndeanGold's board of directors.

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Published on: 18 Oct 2014

Elizabeth Law FCPA first understood the power of not-for-profit ventures during her university days in Montreal, Canada, where she saw communities that were crying out for help.

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Published on: 18 Oct 2014

Article By Reuven Brenner 

Now, as during World War II and up to 1951, the US Federal Reserve practiced what is now called quantitative easing (QE). Then, as now, nominal interest rates were low and the real ones negative: The Fed’s policy did not so much induce investments as it allowed the government to accumulate debts, and prevent default. 

... Reuven Brenner holds the Repap Chair at McGill University’s Desautels Faculty of Management. The article draws on his Force of Finance (2002). 

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Published on: 18 Oct 2014

This is Karl Moore of the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University, Talking Management for The Globe and Mail. Today, I am delighted to speak to Raina Brands [assistant professor of organizational behaviour] from the London Business School.

... Raina, you have been looking at charismatic leaders. Do men and women differ in respect to charismatic leadership?

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Published on: 16 Oct 2014

There’s a story Julian Barlow likes to tell people when he’s making a presentation.

In 1995 he was teaching a transformational leadership course when a student asked if Barlow would lead a training session for his staff.

... Alex Kalil, professor at McGill’s Dobson Centre for Entrepreneurial Studies in Montreal, has been a long-standing proponent for injecting industry experience into the classroom. That’s because he has had a decades-long history conversing with students within and outside a campus environment.

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Published on: 16 Oct 2014

In mid-September, during another busy day at London Fashion Week, the fashion world made its way from the Tom Ford show and a cocktail party at 10 Downing Street over to dinner.

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Published on: 16 Oct 2014

Suppose you grabbed a few cookies before heading out to the grocery store and start to feel guilty or ashamed about breaking your diet. According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, feeling guilty might find you comparing calories in different cartons of ice cream. Feeling ashamed might keep you from buying any ice cream in the first place.

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Published on: 16 Oct 2014

Zhejiang University, Desautels's partner school for The Master in Global Manufacturing & Supply Chain Management (MGMSCM) program, is again ranked top in professors' research capability. 

Rank      University

1                 Zhejiang

2                 Peking

3                 Nanjing

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Published on: 16 Oct 2014

The NJBIZ CFO of the Year awards program on Friday celebrated New Jersey's financial executives at all levels who contribute to the success of New Jersey's economic growth and stability.

... LARGE NONPROFIT (51 or more employees) – WINNER:

Warren Tranquada

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Published on: 16 Oct 2014

Economist’s list of the 100 best MBA programs in the world published yesterday (Oct. 9). The U.S. institutions that have bowed out include Babson College, the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School, Purdue University’s Krannert School, and the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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Published on: 16 Oct 2014

At a time when dads are twice as likely as moms to think they don’t spend enough time with the kids, many employers continue to deny them the breathing room needed to get face time with their families. But a new wave of men is quietly (and not so quietly) finding new ways to lean out. It’s the latest thing in corporate corner-office chic: top male executives ditching work to hang out with their kids.

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Published on: 16 Oct 2014