Important dates for students


The Founder's Day event will take place on Macdonald Campus on Thursday, February 8, 2018 from 1-3 p.m. (Sir William C. Macdonald born Feb. 10, 1831; died June 9, 1917). Classes are cancelled from 1-3 p.m.

Classified as: AG (Agr&EnvSci), Special Events, winter

(Tentative Date) Distribution of Summer 2018 Term registration information for returning Management students.

Classified as: MG (Management), Registration, winter, summer

(Tentative Date) Registration period for Summer Field Experience courses for B.Ed. students.

Classified as: ED (Education), Registration, winter, summer

(Tentative Date) 4th Field Experience begins for most B.Ed. programs. Refer to the Internships & Student Affairs office (ISA) website at for details.

Classified as: ED (Education), winter, Clinical Training/Stage/Field Work

(Tentative Date) Deadline to apply to graduate on Minerva for all undergraduate students and graduate students in all non-thesis programs (certificates, diplomas, Master's non-thesis) who expect to complete their program requirements at the end of the Winter 2018 term (Spring 2018 convocation).

NOTE: Last day for those students able to change program information via curriculum change on Minerva for Winter term.

Classified as: AG (Agr&EnvSci), AR (Arts), CS (Continuing Studies), ED (Education), EN (Engineering), GR (Graduate Studies), LW (Law), MG (Management), MU (Music), NU (Nursing), PO (Physical & Occupational Therapy), RS (Religious Studies), SC (Science), SW (Social Work), D&HN (Dietetics & Human Nutrition), FMT (Farm Mgt Technology), AS (Interfaculty BA&Sc), ARCH (Architecture), DE (Dentistry), MD (Medicine), Registration, winter, Convocation, summer, CS (Continuing Education), Graduation, Registration Note(s)

Application period for intra-faculty transfers to a different instrument, composition and performance programs for Fall 2018.

Classified as: MU (Music), Faculty Transfers, winter, Fall

(Tentative Date) Application period for music performance minors for Fall 2018.

Classified as: MU (Music), Application and Readmission, winter, Fall

Deadline to apply for admission to Law for Fall 2018 term for applicants studying, or who last studied in a Quebec CEGEP (D.C.S.) or from a French Baccalaureate Diploma (College) completed in the province of Quebec (Q.F.B.). This deadline is also for applicants who will have completed up to a year of university studies in addition to the D.C.S. or Q.F.B. at the time of registration.

Classified as: LW (Law), Application and Readmission, winter, Fall

Withdrawal deadline for Winter practical examinations in Music (B.Mus./L.Mus.). For further information, contact the Performance Department at the Schulich School of Music.

Classified as: MU (Music), Exams - Practical, winter, Withdrawals

Application opens for Fall 2018 term inter-faculty transfers for students wishing to transfer to the Bachelor of Science Nursing Program through Minerva. See Nursing website below:

Classified as: NU (Nursing), Faculty Transfers, winter, Fall

Application deadline for all applicants studying or who last studied in a CEGEP (except applicants to Music) for admission to the Fall 2018 term for Agricultural & Environmental Sciences, Architecture, Arts (including Social Work & Religious Studies), B.A.&Sc., Education, Engineering, Management (including Part-time B.Com.), Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy or Science.

Classified as: AG (Agr&EnvSci), Application and Readmission, AR (Arts), ARCH (Architecture), AS (Interfaculty BA&Sc), CS (Continuing Education), CS (Continuing Studies), HN (Human Nutrition), D&HN (Dietetics & Human Nutrition), DE (Dentistry), ED (Education), EN (Engineering), Fall, FMT (Farm Mgt Technology), LW (Law), MD (Medicine), MG (Management), MU (Music), NU (Nursing), PO (Physical & Occupational Therapy), RS (Religious Studies), SC (Science), SW (Social Work), winter

Deadline to apply for admission and to submit all required supporting documentation to the Fall 2018 Med-P (PRE-MED-ADM) program for CEGEP applicants (who are residents of Quebec). NOTE: If March 1st falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the deadline will be the Monday immediately following the 1st.

Classified as: SC (Science), Application and Readmission, MD (Medicine), winter, Fall